Tired of the heat of summer yet?

Don't let the heat of summer get to you. Go watch some snow boarding videos or catch up with your favorite winter sports figure. Think COLD.

After you have finished watching those cold videos and reading those ski goggles reviews, wear those new ski goggles and check out the latest in what is coming to your TV this coming fall. No I am not talking about the new fall line-up but the winter sports that will starting soon. 

On the snow boarding gossip side, did you know that Cory Smith was doing some summer snow boarding. Yep he headed out to Mt. Hood near his home town of Portland, Oregon and had some summer fun. It is August and there is still plenty of snow on that mountain. No wonder he has plenty of chances to practice. He even boasted that he made some boards out of wood and tried them out. This summer in Oregon is reported to be the coldest on record and some of the ski resorts are still open. With highs only in the 80's it looks like there will be year-round skiing to be found there.