Disaster for new TV shows - the 2013 fall season

Yes the 2013 fall TV season is now under way. Just a few more TV shows have just to start their new season. Once Upon a Time starts tonight, we'll see if that one can hold up for another season. So far here are my picks for the "soon to be canceled" list:

  • Sleepy Hollow - yes I saw it and it is too much like Grimm for my liking. It smacks of Highlander does Van Helsing
  • The Agents of SHEILD - sorry but I switched channels before it was finished. It did not keep my interest. Apparently I was not the only one. Here is a link to a fellow blogger with her thoughts on the show.
  • The Micheal J. Fox Show - saw that one and I am thinking they can only play on his disability for only so long before it gets old. It will take some talented writers to keep that one going. I have my doubts about it lasting more than this season but who knows.
I have seen some good shows as well so all is not bad. We will see what the next few weeks will be and which shows will be canceled or if they are lucky, picked up by a cable channel.