William Shatner the whiner

I use to like Bill Shatner when he was Capt. Kirk on the old Star trek series. He was even pretty good in some of the Star Trek movies. I do believe that the man is getting too old and way too fat for my liking anymore. He did not keep his mouth shut when the latest Star trek movie did not want him in at least a cameo role. He managed to send out a video message to all his "friends" at myspace.com explaining in detail what he thought about the new movie. His latest publicity stunt if you call it that was whinnying about how he wasn't invited to George's wedding (his co-star in Star trek, Sulu). George on the other hand claims that Bill was invited but he never got an RSVP back from him. Come on Bill grow up, your body did but I guess your mind didn't.

Madonna to get a divorce

Well, it's official, Madonna and Richie will be divorced by Christmas. Video below shows them in happier times.

Making money in the music and movie business

I am sure that almost everyone has had a dream of becoming a movie star or a musician at least once in their lives. Youtube was based on the fact that everyone wants to be known for something.

A new music promotion website has done Youtube one better. They have provided not only free access for visitors to view original music and movies but they also help promote the artists too. If you have been wasting your time at Youtube trying to find top notch entertainment or if you are the artist looking for an audience then go to the link I have provided and check it out.

I watched several of the documentaries done by Shipwreck Central. They are a dive team that films the submerged ships. I didn't get a chance to check out any of the music groups on there but you can be sure that I bookmarked the site for visiting it later.


The new TV season for CSI

If you have the slightest curiosity about the new fall season of CSI (Las Vegas) then go to the CSI season guide for season 9, where you can see when the new episodes with be airing and after they air viewers comments on them. Each episode listed has a summary of what takes place. By the way the first episode is scheduled to air on 10/9/2008, so you haven't missed it yet.