CSI - the big screen movie

Yes CSI is coming to a theater near you. Bill Petersen hinted back in September 2008 of a big screen movie, well now it is in the pipeline according the Bill. His character "Grisom" will more than likely be in the movie. It was one of the main reasons he didn't have himself killed off in the series (yes Bill is one of the producers of CSI so he has a say in what goes on).

He hinted that the story line is a great one, enough to take it to the big screen. No word yet on the release date.

Robin McGraw bores the heck out of Phil's audience

If you watched today's Doctor Phil show you would have noticed that that Phil's wife took over the show. In my humble opinion it was one of the most boring shows on record for Phil. They took what could have been an interesting subject - female hormones, and made it boring. It was almost like a one hour infomercial about products that are Treatments for Symptoms. I wonder if Phil has stock in the medical companies that his wife was supporting. A show about women talking about hot flashes was not my idea of a good show.

I suppose if you like watching the View then today's Doctor Phil's show would have been your style but not for me and I am a women. TV shows are meant to entertain and that show fell short by a mile. For information just look it up in a reference book or on the internet.

Learn more about treatment for symptoms by checking the profile of the Amen Clinics, an institution established by Dr. Daniel Amen. You can also find Dr. Amen's background here.

Celebrities and going green

You see many actors, singers and other celebrity types in the news with conservation efforts but when was the last time you saw one lending their name or becoming a spokesman for a "green" product? All I see are actresses advertising cosmetics or weigh loss products, I don't see them advertising low energy appliances or bio fuels.

Lets face it when do you hear of someone famous pushing a Go Green Home Business Opportunity, or mentioning a company that goes the extra mile towards less pollution. It is the everyday person and not celebrities that are making a difference. Now it is time for the unsung heroes to become the new celebrities of today.

It is people like Jon M Queen, carbon credit specialist and environmental investor, aims to help individuals who are interested in putting up a green home based business. Know more about him through Jon Queen's profile.

Susan Boyle to appear on Oprah

The overnight singing sensation, Susan Boyle has gotten an invitation from Oprah to appear on her show. There is also a record deal in the works. The unemployed woman now has a career! Below is an interview with her after the show went on the air and made her famous. The interview takes place at her home in Scotland.

Kid stars trying to set fashion trends

You have seen it, child and teenage actors setting the fashion trends for the rest of us. Hanna Montana clothing lines in Walmart as well as the twins Kate and Ashley, all making a buck lending their names to clothing lines. Some of them actually design the clothes but the great majority just lend their names, for a price, to the label.

Do teenagers really buy those clothing lines? No not really, they tend to set their own styles according to the areas they live in and music that they listen to. Each music genre has it's own style with clothing to match. It is the mothers of those kids that the kid stars are trying to appeal to. Parents think they are hip if they buy an item for their teen that has a major stars' name on it.

In reality clothing styles and trends are designed by lesser known clothing designers like Aristabrat. That designer makes the trendy jeans shown below.

Of course the price tag for the jeans is in the $200 range but those are designer prices for you.

Another designer is kingsley kids clothes which is for boys (but can be worn by girls too). Here is one of their tees.
Both of those designer lines can be found at rsavenue.com

The Internet Symphony

Word went out around the world for musicians to play the composition "The Internet Symphony". Those choosen as the best of them will get together on April 18, 2009 at Carnegie Hall. The resulting performance will also be broadcast on YouTube. Here is the YouTube video of "The Intenet Symphony".

Don't judge a book by it's cover

The most stunning performance by a singer in the last few days was by Susan Boyle a contestant on Britain's got Talent. People have got to learn not to judge a person by the way they look. Her performance is a "wake up call" for all who watch her. Here is the link to the YouTube video that has been watched all over the world.

Susan Boyle singing

Farrah Fawcett, is she dying of cancer?

Farrah is hospitalized in critical condition in LA. Speculation is that her cancer has come back in full force and now she is dying. She was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006 and underwent treatment. The cancer came back in 2007.