You're Cut Off!

Today we have a guest blogger

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

One of the best reality shows is "You're Cut Off" on VH 1. This fabulous show depicts the lives of spoiled brats that have been cut off from their parents never ending trust funds. This show depicts how young adults must cope with the startling reality of making their own living and paying their own bills without mommy or daddy's help. I love watching this show as a hard working girl, because it is fun to see the spoiled brats finally suffer for their expenditures.

I indulge in viewing this show on satellite tv with NFL Sunday Ticket all the time. Well, actually, I only watch this show when I am not working one of my many jobs, which is quite an irony. I am so completely different than the girls on this show, in that I work so hard for every cent I earn on this planet. While I was given a blessed childhood, I understand the value of a hard earned dollar unlike the spoiled brats on this show. On this show, young women must compete against one another by staying within tight budgets. These girls can become so catty, as they are cut off from their parents' finances. In the end, I think this show is pure comedy and a joy to watch for any hard working girl out there who wants insight into the wretched lives of spoiled brats!

Two and a Half Men is a goner

I have kept silent on the subject of Charlie Sheen and his departure from the most popular TV show on the air......till now.

I shake my head in total disbelief when people in general have turned against Sheen. After all, the show is based on his real life, that was according to Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two and a Half Men. So why are people surprised when they hear that Charlie has 2 live in girlfriends, parties all night long with booze and drugs and has the money to spend, spend, spend. He and Charlie Harper are one in the same.

Now here is an interesting thought:
Should the sitcom still stay in production but with a different actor playing the part of Charlie, can Charlie Sheen sue for using his lifestyle without due compensation? After all, it was based on Charlie's real life exploits.