Disaster for new TV shows - the 2013 fall season

Yes the 2013 fall TV season is now under way. Just a few more TV shows have just to start their new season. Once Upon a Time starts tonight, we'll see if that one can hold up for another season. So far here are my picks for the "soon to be canceled" list:

  • Sleepy Hollow - yes I saw it and it is too much like Grimm for my liking. It smacks of Highlander does Van Helsing
  • The Agents of SHEILD - sorry but I switched channels before it was finished. It did not keep my interest. Apparently I was not the only one. Here is a link to a fellow blogger with her thoughts on the show.
  • The Micheal J. Fox Show - saw that one and I am thinking they can only play on his disability for only so long before it gets old. It will take some talented writers to keep that one going. I have my doubts about it lasting more than this season but who knows.
I have seen some good shows as well so all is not bad. We will see what the next few weeks will be and which shows will be canceled or if they are lucky, picked up by a cable channel.

Movies that start off great but go downhill from there

I, like many of you, have watched more movies on DVD than at the movies. So with that in mind here is a list of my top movies that I had to turn off because they were so bad..............but started off great. This will be a post that I will add to as time goes by so you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom, so you will be notified when I update it.

Top of the list is The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption.The movie should have been as good as the first 2 in the series but with the addition of the ninja warriors and the elephants, I had to turn it off as being totally unreal or even close to good fantasy writing. I didn't see the end so if aliens from Mars showed up in the last 20 minutes, don't tell me............I am not interested.

Next up is another movie that had some really good reviews and strange as it may sound is in the top 10 rented movies on Blockbuster. That movie is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.It actually starts out as totally believable. You can remove the historical Lincoln from the fantasy Lincoln in this stage of the movie. For me the point of turning it off was just after the battles in the Civil War were just fought and all the soldiers in the confederate army were vampires. Top that with the reason that they had slaves as unwilling blood donors and you just turned my stomach. Sorry, didn't finish that one, as I thought it was a total injustice to the people who fought and were used in the real Civil War. What the movie should have done was remove the name of Lincoln, remove the vampire soldiers in the Civil War and you would have a decent fantasy movie.

Why The Learning Channel AKA TLC is now in the gutter

TLC, that cable channel that use to be called - The Learning Channel should be called the side show channel or something close to that. Where else could you find side show freaks, families and odd balls that you would normally gawk at in the Walmart parking lot?

I thought the channel started its great decline when they put that brood mares' show on, you remember the Duggars? Each year the name of the show was changing from 17 and counting to 18 and counting, then 19 and ..............well you get the idea. Now there is Honey Boo Boo, the world's most hideous child.

When is The Learning Channel get back to showing actual shows we can learn something from? Cough.......never, because there is more money in showing off freaks.

Speaking of freak shows, why are all of them about white people? I know that the white race does not have a monopoly on stupidity, so what gives? Is their more advertising dollars for TLC for showing only one race and type of stupidity?

Oh well, one can only hope for a swift end for TLC.