This nutty week in review

Damn, this week is nuts. Just today Zsa Zsa Gabor, who is 93 by the way, was taken to the hospital with a blood clot in her leg. There is a danger of it moving to her heart or lungs but she would probably undergo a quick procedure that puts a small filter in her vein that leads from her leg to her heart that will block the clot from killing her.

Next we had rumors of an Avatar 2 with Sigourney Weaver back on the screen......wait a minute, didn't she die in Avatar? Now "they" are saying that "Grace," the character that Sigourney played, did not die. I suspected that Grace got absorbed into the planet like all the other lifeforms did but to bring her back as a being, that will be interesting.

The hype over the new Harry Potter movie is .........lets say, ho hum. Not much fanfare played up on this one. A few TV ads but not like in years past where fans were lining the streets for the cinemas to open up. Most of the die hard Potter fans have grown up, grown older and are a lot less able to pay for the $13 movie ticket plus popcorn and a drink. The last time I took in a movie was last month and for 2 people it cost almost $50 for tickets, a drink and popcorn. The concession stand almost broke the bank!!

The Harry Potter movie has already premiered in London on Nov 11 and is expected to go nation wide in the USA on November 19th 2010. Now I ask you, why the delay? They should have opened it up the day after the premier or the same day. Oh is after all just...... ho, hum.

Of course we had a few famous people pass away this week. Dino De Laurentiis left us at the ripe old age of 91.

Britain to sell off their forests to balance their budget

WTF!!! is going on in England?

About 900 years ago (in the year 1215 to be exact) laws were made to protect the forest lands of Britain. The famous forests of Sherwood, New Forest and the Forest of Dean among others, were protected against development and logging. Those forests contain ancient trees. Unlike the national park system that is in place in the USA where tourism is promoted, it seems like the forests in England are treated much like sanctuaries and are off limits to the general public, at least that is my understanding of them.

Now in the Parliaments' great wisdom, they have decided to sell off half of the forests, to whom ever comes up with the money for them. Sure, lets put a chemical plant or a housing development in the heart of Sherwood forest, only after cutting down hundreds of ancient trees that will never be replaced.

What ever happened to protecting the world's forests to stem the dramatic climate changes? If the world's governments keep up making rash decisions like this, we as humans will surely face an early extinction. This news item is almost good enough for the Pee Brain Award, but I will refrain from awarding it until I see if there is any large protests against the decision. If no protests then I will award it to the entire country of England.

Did you know that Spock makes t-shirts?

That's right, Mr Spock, AKA Leonard Nimoy sells t-shirts! Here is the article that tells all about his etsy store, yep he is on etsy!!! Not exactly one of the places I would imagine a celebrity to sell stuff, but oh well.

...and this week's Pee Brain Award goes to the wives of Kody Brown

Gawd, I thought I have seen it all on TV but the latest entry into the reality shows is called. "Sister Wives," a show on TLC, the same network that brought us 16, 17, 18, 19 kids and counting (you know that fricken baby machine lady). Now back to Sister Wives, which during their interview tells everyone that Kody, the husband, was not the one to go out looking for the next wife, but the first wife or wives, was. Are they morons or do they like to have group sex? Let's face some facts here, the only reason to to get married or have more than one "wife" at a time is SEX, not to have more kids (you can adopt children) nor to have someone to clean your house (hire a housekeeper) or for the other wives to have someone to watch their kids (hire a babysitter or find a daycare like normal people do).

If that was not all, one of the wives, Janelle states "If we raise productive, contributing members of society who are moral and ethical, that's our final goal, whatever their path is."

Is she out of her mind? What is her definition of morality? Apparently not the same as the rest of society. That nut job has 4 kids with Kody.

As an interesting side note, the entire family now has the feds investigating them for felony bigamy. This show might be more interesting as the courts and police get involved. I wonder if the cameras will follow them in jail?

Yep the whole cast, except for the kids, are the winners of this week's Pee Brain Award.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, season opener tonight

Well another night of new shows and the return of some. Sunday nights has been dominated by 60 Minutes, Funniest Home Videos and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, for many years now. Of course FHV has been a favorite since Bob Saget was its first host but EM:HE has been losing its luster for me.

I think that what turned me off of the show was the fact of the stories about the people with their new homes "after" the show ended. Many of them ended up losing those homes, some of them had 2 families living in the home and one family kicked the other one out. The show has done something different for their upcoming Halloween show that got my attention. They rebuilt a dorm for a school. You can read more about that here. The same article mentions the some of the past homes that were built that were too costly for the new owners to keep.

So I will let you know how Sunday nights measure up for the new season.

Saturday night on TV, boring as ever

The new TV season is turning out to be as lack luster as I thought it would be. Both Friday and Saturday nights are boring. It looks like the only interesting night on TV so far is Thursdays. The major 3 networks are working hard to chase viewers to the cable programs.

Saturday night was so boring I had to resort to watching the Travel Channel and reruns of the Halloween attractions all over the USA. Sad, so sad. At least I didn't end up at the food network.

Thursday night of the new TV season - a mixed bag

I managed to take in 2 new shows and the premieres of returning TV show tonight. It was an evening of nice, ho hum, excitement and shear boredom.

First up was The Big Bang Theory. The gang was in fine form tonight and the robot arm was an interesting twist in the story, but expected of them. That led straight into Shit My Dad Says, which was developed on Twitter. That show did not live up to the actual funny stuff that the guy use to write on Twitter. It looks like they tried to take 140 characters and make a 30 minute show out of it (excuse me, only 20 minutes, with 10 minutes of commercials). Shatner was the wrong pick for the role, they could have done better. A big HO HUM in my book.

My highlight of the evening was Fringe. It is one of my favorite shows that has kept me interested through 2 seasons now. The opening show of this season did not disappoint. According to the producers we are to spend most of this season exploring with Olivia in the alternate universe, which is OK by me. When Fringe is done going through its first run of the season and starts to get into repeats, that is when I will watch CSI. I would be watching CSI on their first runs but when the character, "Grisom" was written out of the series, that was when I lost interest in the show. He was like the quirky mad scientist that kept everyone intrigued.

So what did I watch after Fringe ended for the evening? Well I thought I would take a gamble and watch the new SyFy show call "Beast Legends" or "Legendry Beasts" or "Beastly Legends" or .......
Anyway, the show ended up to be so off the wall, with a comic book artist as part of their team, I turned the TV off after only 30 minutes of the junk. It was going nowhere fast. BORING. While the idea of looking for legendary beasts is a great one, this show blew it in the first 30 minutes. A good idea done wrong.

So much for Thursday nights, I wonder what Friday will bring.

This week's Pee Brain Award goes to Jeff Zucker

If you have ever been upset at the fact that your favorite TV show on NBC got canceled, you can thank Jeff Zucker. He has been the network's CEO for the last 24 years. His latest chop job was the original Law and Order series. He was also the man behind the O'Brian and Leno fiasco. His reasons are often beyond belief and sometimes he gives no reason at all.

He has been the ax man for NBC for way too long. At least that is what the new owners of NBC are thinking. You see Comcast is now the majority stake holder at NBC and they are thinking that things will be changing and Zucker will be out. I can hear the cheering of out of work actors and producers can hear them too.

New fall TV season underway

With a slow start to the new fall season about the only winners so far is Glee, 2 and a Half Men and Hawaii 5-0. I am personally waiting on Fringe to begin its new season. One show that has not been renewed and has a lot of people upset is The Seeker. There is a grass roots group of fans that is trying to get the show back on the air. I'm pulling for them too. The Seeker was probably the only decent fantasy series to come along in a long time.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition might be changing their style. For their Halloween show they re-built a school dorm instead of a private home. You can read more about that here.

The biggest surprise this season will be the new Law and Order set in LA. I wonder if it ends up being CHIPS meets Perry Mason? We will see.

Makh P. Daniels, vocalist for band Early Graves, is killed

The members of 2 metal bands, Early Graves and Funeral Pyre were involved in a fatal car accident in Oregon at 5:30 am this morning. Makh Daniels, the lead vocalist for the band Early Graves was killed as he was ejected from the Chevy van that he was riding in with the rest of the band. Daniels was sleeping in the rear of the van along with another band member, Tyler S. Jensen. The van's driver, Justin H. Garcia of the band Funeral Pyre apparently fell asleep at the wheel. Jensen and Garcia, the van's driver were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The other members of both bands are reported to be ok. The van was towing a trailer with the band's equipment. The bands were on their way to Nevada for the next leg of their tour. They have been on the road now for several months. The San Francisco Bay Area is their home base.

The gossip surrounding the Kyron Horman case

If you have not been following the disappearance of Kyron Horman, let me give you a quick refresher. Kyron is a 7 year old boy that disappeared from a suburb of Portland, Oregon just over a month ago. He was first reported missing by his step mother Terri Horman when he failed to get off the school bus after school. The case has changed dramatically since the first day he was reported missing.

His father and step mother have separated and Terri (Kyron's step mother) is suspected by his father of playing a major role in his son's disappearance. They separated soon after Kyron's father found out about Terri's plot to have him (the father) killed last year.

This case has had more twists than a cork screw. Now a friend of Terri's is implicated in this ever deepening story. Of course there are amateur sleuths on the trail and here is just one message board that has some interesting  insider tales to tell. The original poster is related to a relative involved in the case.

Since the disappearance of Kyron, Terri has also been involved with another man. There was also a rumor that Kyron's dad was also staying with a "friend" after the separation and that "friend" is a lady "friend." He has since moved back into his home and had Terri removed from the house.

That is a lot of goings on for just a few short weeks. All that and the question is still Kyron still alive?

The lesser known movies of Johnny Depp

I bet you thought you knew everything about Johnny Depp. I bet you don't know that he starred in 2 movies along side greats Marlon Brando, Faye Dunaway and Jerry Lewis. He also has starred in Tom Petty's video "Rebel Without a Clue" with Faye Dunaway while on a film break.

The 2 movies that Depp starred in are Don Juan DeMarco where he starred along side Brando and Dunaway. Depp plays a man who thinks he is actually the real Don Juan. Brando plays his shrink. Lots of fun with that movie. The other one is Arizona Dream which starred Jerry Lewis and again Faye Dunaway. Depp plays an Eskimo in the movie and it won big film awards in Europe. The movie was not shown or promoted in the USA at all, which pissed off Dunaway which thought it was her best film ever.

Stevie Wonder is 60 years old today

 Happy Birthday, Stevie!
I can't believe how time has flown - 60 years.......

Law and Order has been canceled by NBC - Zucker's fault?

Has Zucker been at it again? He was the man behind the Jay Leno and O'Brien fiasco, is he the one behind the canceling of Law and Order? After 20 years on TV Law and Order will be no more. The other off shoots of Law and Order like SVU are still OK. Funny thing is, there is a new Law and Order in the works - Law and Order: LA

The Conan O'Brien tour photo, does it look odd to you?

This photo appeared on CNN today and it stuck me as odd. It is suppose to be Conan O'Brien on his tour but it doesn't look right. His head looks too big for his body. Is this photo, photoshoped? You be the judge.

Matt Damon - his career

Matt Damon's climb to stardom. Watch the mini bio of him below:

Watch an interview with Airbourne

Video below of an interview with the group Airbourne:

Alice in Wonderland not being shown

The movie Alice in Wonderland has been black listed in Europe over a dispute. Video news below:

The ideal video and music player

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember just a few years ago when having an MP3 was all the rage? The the MP4 came along with video and everyone was loading music videos on them but running out of memory until the larger MP4's were out. Now the rage is having a phone that does it all, including having the best sound and video capabilities of a MP4 player. Well LG has come up with the LG Chocolate Touch.

The Chocolate Touch is just as the name implies, a touch screen phone with lots of extras. Can you imagine not having to lug around even a small laptop to keep in touch with your email? The Chocolate makes it so much easier to use email, send videos and pictures and you can even use it to post your Tweets on Twitter. How about visual voice mail, yes it can do that too.

The LG Chocolate Touch features a manual equalizer for Dolby sound but let's face facts here, the Touch is only going to sound as good as your earphones will allow.

The Touch is only available through Verizon right now and that might be its only failing. I am not a fan of 2 year contracts, no matter who the carrier is. The LG Chocolate Touch has lots of technology in a small package but I would like to be able to get that package with no strings attached. Maybe LG will see the light and not tie their new products to cell phone carriers but will have these devices available to all as unlocked phones and let us decide what network we want.

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Another Vampire movie, do we really need one?

Honestly, do we really need another vampire movie? Hollywood seems to think we do. The latest offering is Daybreakers, staring Willem Dafoe. The plot is about the future when a disease has turned almost everyone into a vampire and there is now a shortage of blood. Gee, supply and demand, I wonder where they got that idea? Anyways the vampires are also becoming mutations, as if being a vampire already wasn't enough. Special effects might be all that keeps this movie together. Below is an interview with Willem Dafoe talking about his role in the movie, he plays a human in the movie.

Avatar tops $1 billion in pure profit

It look like Avatar will be the largest grossing movie on record. Need proof? The video news below will tell you more with a few scenes from the movie. The movie has been only out for 3 weeks and shows no sign of slowing down. By the way the movie was GREAT!