Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, season opener tonight

Well another night of new shows and the return of some. Sunday nights has been dominated by 60 Minutes, Funniest Home Videos and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, for many years now. Of course FHV has been a favorite since Bob Saget was its first host but EM:HE has been losing its luster for me.

I think that what turned me off of the show was the fact of the stories about the people with their new homes "after" the show ended. Many of them ended up losing those homes, some of them had 2 families living in the home and one family kicked the other one out. The show has done something different for their upcoming Halloween show that got my attention. They rebuilt a dorm for a school. You can read more about that here. The same article mentions the some of the past homes that were built that were too costly for the new owners to keep.

So I will let you know how Sunday nights measure up for the new season.

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