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The Jackson 5 to return? What's the matter? Do they need the money? I don't think I am ready for that group to come back. Let's move forward instead of backward.

Jorja Fox quits CSI

I guess it is official, Jorja Fox won't be coming back to CSI, Las Vegas. Her decision to leave was partly due to her work load as a regular on the show. She explains her reasons in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly. She did mention she would love to come back as a guest star.

If I was writing that show here is how I would handle the situation. Gil Grissom and Sara would go through with their plans to marry. Since it is against policy for relatives and spouses to work together, Sara would have to have another career or become a housewife. As such she could should up occasionally on CSI as Gil's wife.

In pursuit of facts, just the facts and only the facts

Have you ever wondered what were the movie star's real names? Wonder no more since here is a list of Celebrities real names. Courtesy of the Dissfunktional blog.

CSI, behind the scenes

CSI is one of my favorite shows. Take a peek behind the scenes

New Star Trek movie to star Capt. Kirk without William Shatner

Bill Shanter has a account of which I am a "friend". As a friend he shares many of his personal struggles and goings on in his life. He recently sent all his friends a video of himself and comments about not being asked to join the new movie. As a long time fan of Star Trek I am also a bit taken back. I would love to hear your comments on this, what do you think?

You can't escape the paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan

Apparently Lindsay can't hide from the paparazzi and her boobs want to come out of hiding and wave hello at
the cameras too. Is Lindsay's next big move to the porn screen? She sure is advertising it that way.

Thanksgiving plans for the Jolie-Pitt clan

The Global trotting Jolie-Pitt family plans on having Thanksgiving dinner with Brad's family this year. The 4 kids can then run amok while dinner is being cooked. Sounds like the rest of us doesn't it?

Earl Paulk - infamous man of the cloth

Earl is or was, the "Archbishop" of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Atlanta. This is a guy who is suppose to have the highest moral standards there is. What does he do? He fathers his own nephew! He has sex with his grand daughter and has molested or raped countless others and the "Church" has done very little - WTF!!! This is a man who could not keep his pecker in his pants.

Brittney is at it again - at least this time she was wearing underwear

I am honestly not sure about the underwear part. Motherhood to some celebs just means having a working pair of ovaries.

Oprah and her gizmos

Oprah just announced one of her favorite things a "Clarisonic". Ok, so what is it? It is an overpriced gizmo for cleaning your face. It looks almost like a cordless toothbrush on steroids. Priced at $195.00 I'll stick to wash cloth, thank you. I guess the manufacturers will have a nice Christmas rush on the damn thing simply because some celebrity said they use it. Hey Oprah do you have stock in the company?

Jessica Sierra, zit queen and candidate for messed up Idol

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, when will you learn? Stay away from the drugs and the bar scene. The drugs are only making your zits worse and bar room brawls are for guys - not Idols.

Neil Diamond on a rebound

The 66 year old singer is on the rebound with his song "Sweet Caroline". One can only wonder why it took the man 40 years to reveal who inspired him. Is it a publicity stunt to get him back in the headlines again? If it is it sure did work. His song "Sweet Caroline" and Caroline Kennedy have just hit all time highs for Internet searches across all search engines.

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