Is Bill Murray abusive?

Bill Murray's wife of 11 years is filing for divorce from the actor citing abuse and alleging that it is his addiction to drugs and alcohol that has ruined their marriage. Jennifer Murray and Bill have 4 children.

It was reported that Bill would often leave without warning and go on sex and drug binges. The abuse charge stems from an incident last November when Bill hit Jeniffer in the face.

CSI's actor, Gary Dourdan, no jail time

Gary was charged with drug possession in April and the judge has ruled that he serve community service instead of jail time. Gary plays "Warrick Brown" on CSI. His character was shot during the final episode of season 8 of the show. It is unknown if his character is gone from the show or not.

Laugh-in's co-host dies

Dick Martin, one of the co-hosts of the famous Laugh In TV show has died this past weekend. He was 86 years old. I can't believe that Laugh In was broadcast back in the late 1960's. It was the start of many careers such as Goldie Hawn. I was an avid fan of the show when I was a kid.

Martin had been living with one lung since he was a teenager. He developed a respiratory illness in his later years. He passed away as a result on May 24th, 2008.

Dick's partner on the Laugh In show was Dan Rowan, Dan passed away in 1987. After Laugh In, Dick started a career in directing and was one of the busiest directors in Hollywood. Mostly limited to TV sitcoms his talent as a director was in high demand.

Mutt Lange in bed with the secretary!

That is the latest word on the Shania Twain and Lange split - that Lange was having an affair with the couples secretary. The alleged secretary has left her husband and both she and Lange are reported to be shacked up somewhere. The name of the home breaker is Marie-Anne ThiƩbaud. Shania is devastated about the break up.

Fox network's Wildfire canceled

The horsey soap opera, Wildfire, has been canceled by the Fox Family Channel. Many horse savvy viewers are applauding the decision since the horsemanship displayed on the show was terrible. It was a night time soap opera with horse's in the background, stated one horse owner on the BAEN message board.

Ted Kennedy has brain cancer

The doctors have found a brain tumor in Ted Kennedy. No word yet on the prognosis for his future treatments. The tumor is cancerous.

Shania Twain and Robert Lang splitting up

Shania and her producer husband Robert Lang have decided to call it quits after 14 years of marriage. They have a 6 year old son, Eja.

James Garner to be released from hospital soon

The 80 year old actor, James Garner, suffered from a stroke last week and has been hospitalized for it. He is reported to be doing well enough to be released in the next few days.

Pushing Daisies will return this fall TV season

The writers strike took it's toll on many TV shows this year. Some of them have disappeared into the woodwork. ABC announced today that the off beat TV series "Pushing Daisies" will return this fall (2008) to continue with the weirdest comedy I have seen in years.

Death Note - the movie

If you are a follower of anime then you will be thrilled to know that Death Note the movie will be coming out to a local theater near you. Death Note is one of the darker and more violent anime story lines out there. I know a lot about the story since my teenager is fully immersed in it. I have not seen any of the trailers or previews of it yet but I am sure that my teenage daughter will be filling me in on the facts pretty soon. I am hoping that the movie rating will allow her to go an see the movie without me having to take her. I think this is the kind of movie she would like to see with her friends and not her mother.

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Farina arrested on gun possession charges and other Hollywood news

Here is the latest on Dennis Farina (formerly of Law and Order) and his tangle with the law.

Get Smart, the movie

Are you old enough to remember the TV series "Get Smart" with Don Adams? If you are, get ready for the movie version. Younger readers will get a kick out of the comedy spy spoof but I wonder if those of us that remember the old series with be constantly comparing the two. Here is a link to the movie website and I have posted the movie trailer for your entertainment.

New movie this weekend - Frontier

The latest entry into the early summer movie season is "Frontier". Advertised as a horror movie, Frontier(s) has lots of blood and plenty of it. The movies' website has plenty of gory film clips for you to aimlessly wander through. It is the typical slasher movie. Rated NC-17 it for violence and gore the producers refused to cut out scenes to get the lower "R" rating. So for violence and being extremely graphic this movie is almost rated "X". The website has a Trailer for people to watch. I personally would block the site if children have access to the internet.

I am going to stick my neck out here and wonder why such a movie needs to be made? I guess some - not all movie goers are getting a high off of extreme violence. This type of movie goes hand in hand with the graphic violence based "adult" rated video games now being sold. I know of several young people that would really enjoy this movie but they are all under 17 and their lives revolve around video games and gangster rock. I am sure that none of them will be allowed to go see the movie. That of course will not stop them from getting it on DVD.

This is the type of movie that a man might take a date to, why? If you are unaware of how a man thinks, let me enlighten you. Men use these types of scary movies to get their "frightened" date to hug or cling to them. It makes them feel macho and they get the girl to crawl all over them for comfort. So if you are female and horror movies are not your style, now you know why the men in your life want to take you to a horror movie (or watch it on DVD). They don't care about the movie, they just want your reaction.

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Eddie Arnold dies

The country singing legend, Eddie Arnold has passed away. He was 89 years old. He became a member of the Country Music Hall of fame in 1966. Some of his well known songs are:
  • Tennessee Stud - 1959
  • Make the World Go Away - 1965
  • Then you can tell me Goodbye - 1968
He was one of Country Music's wealthiest singers. He leaves an estate worth around $40 million.

Barbara Walters admits to affair

It would have been such a scandal back in the 1970's - a famous black politician and a white TV anchor woman having a love affair. He was married at the time, she was not. Nowadays it is merely just another story, but not a scandal anymore. I think if the story broke back in the 1970's it would have been more based on race rather than politics. The video news is below.