Hugh Jackman and family gets mobbed by fans and reporters on Sunday

The next X-Men movie will be coming out soon and Hugh Jackman is feeling the crush of fans. He whole family was mobbed by the press and paparazzi as they left a Nicks game in New York on Sunday. Film footage is below. He (Hugh) is holding his daughter while his wife (the short haired blond) is holding their son's hand.

Sears and the "Heroes"

You have no doubt seen the TV ads about Sears helping out the families that have members in the military. If you were like me, I thought that Sears was donating a portion of their sales to help those families. Instead, Sears was spending millions of dollars on commercials to ask us the American public to donate to those families via their heroes at home website.

Quite frankly I would have more respect for Sears if they had quietly helped those families out and then did a press release after the fact. Nothing like wasting advertising dollars to try and convince the rest of us that Sears is the good guy. Can you tell that I did not think that this was a good idea for Sears? Sure the families benefited but here is also a chance for other big US companies to quietly step up to the plate and out do Sears by not wanting the world to know but by word of mouth will gain the public's respect.


The movie Tron will be back as Tron 2.0

Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges will be back for the sequel to Tron. Looking back and watching the old Tron movie, it was made just at the point when electronic games were at their infancy, it made today's movies seem so far advanced, technology wise. I wonder what special effects the movie makers will have in store for us this time around. The story line is being kept under tight wraps but it is alledged to continue where the old movie left us.

What movie did you get this Christmas?

With the slew of top movies being released just before Christmas this year I bet you got one of them on DVD as a gift. The Dark Knight, Wall-e and the latest Mummy movie are just a few of the well known ones. Don't worry if you didn't get one, you could always go and shop for a few last minute gifts from Kmart for yourself after Christmas. I bet the prices will be even lower then. While you are there you should check out all of their other sales, I usually do. I can never get out of the place without buying something.

Speaking of movies here is what will be coming up in the next few months at the box office:
  • Wolverine. Yes it is the next movie in the X-men series
  • Terminator Salvation. Another Terminator movie
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Need I say more?
  • The next Harry Potter movie. That one was suppose to be released last September but was pulled back from the release date. I am still not sure why that happened since the movie was almost complete if not done in August 2008.
  • Spiderman 4
Lots of good stuff in there.


Eartha Mae Kitt dies

Eartha Kitt was known for her unusual voice and the fact she played one of the many "Catwomen" roles on the old TV series Batman. She was one of the first black women to gain access to White House functions in the form of a guest and not as one of the help.

Now that she is gone I can imagine that her movies and music will become collectors items overnight.

Eartha Mae Kitt
Jan 17, 1927 - Dec 25, 2008

A must see movie

If you are an animal movie nut like I am then you have got to reserve your DVD copy of "All Roads Lead Home". Below is the movie trailer and if it doesn't bring tears to your eyes then you are not human. This is one movie I am defiantly going to watch.

It will be available on DVD on January 13, 2008.

Social networking for music lovers


You know all about social networking. Myspace and Facebook taught you all about that. Now there is a social network that is all about music. A place where the actual artists, producers and fans can all come together.

The place is Kerchoonz and you can download music for free without worrying about stealing it since the artist gets their royalties straight from Kerchoonz.

I just became a member (membership is free) and checked out some of the videos. There is one on there called the "Mad Drummer" which is a gorilla playing the drums to a well known song. The videos are not your typical Youtube type fare but are professionally done by the artists themselves.

If you are a music download fanatic then you'll love this site. Don't worry about finding your way around, when you join up they put some how-to instructions in your "in box". Check it out, what have you got to lose except maybe a few hours of entertaining fun.


Do you go to the movies on Christmas Day?

For all those people that just have to get away from the family festivities on Christmas Day here is a list of movies that are scheduled to open right on Christmas Day 2008.
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A movie about a man that is born at the age of 80 and as he "ages" he gets younger. Stars Brad Pitt.
  • Bedtime Stories. A man tells bedtime stories that seem to becoming real. Stars Adam Sandler.

Video interview with K-OS

Enjoy the interview with K-OS. Video below

The giant Ricky Lake is now smaller

The former talk show host, Ricky Lake has been telling her fans how she has lost over 140 lbs. She use to weigh in at 270 lbs. Now a trim 130 lbs she tells the world that she was fat most of her life and can't believe how fat she use to be!

My goodness she has lost over 1/2 of her body weight! Congrats to Ricky!