Social networking for music lovers


You know all about social networking. Myspace and Facebook taught you all about that. Now there is a social network that is all about music. A place where the actual artists, producers and fans can all come together.

The place is Kerchoonz and you can download music for free without worrying about stealing it since the artist gets their royalties straight from Kerchoonz.

I just became a member (membership is free) and checked out some of the videos. There is one on there called the "Mad Drummer" which is a gorilla playing the drums to a well known song. The videos are not your typical Youtube type fare but are professionally done by the artists themselves.

If you are a music download fanatic then you'll love this site. Don't worry about finding your way around, when you join up they put some how-to instructions in your "in box". Check it out, what have you got to lose except maybe a few hours of entertaining fun.


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