Why The Learning Channel AKA TLC is now in the gutter

TLC, that cable channel that use to be called - The Learning Channel should be called the side show channel or something close to that. Where else could you find side show freaks, families and odd balls that you would normally gawk at in the Walmart parking lot?

I thought the channel started its great decline when they put that brood mares' show on, you remember the Duggars? Each year the name of the show was changing from 17 and counting to 18 and counting, then 19 and ..............well you get the idea. Now there is Honey Boo Boo, the world's most hideous child.

When is The Learning Channel get back to showing actual shows we can learn something from? Cough.......never, because there is more money in showing off freaks.

Speaking of freak shows, why are all of them about white people? I know that the white race does not have a monopoly on stupidity, so what gives? Is their more advertising dollars for TLC for showing only one race and type of stupidity?

Oh well, one can only hope for a swift end for TLC.