Cher is dead, long live Cher

Twitter has proven again that it is a force worth reckoning. This time the rumor that Cher had died was being tweeted like wildfire Thursday and Friday (Jan 26-27, 2012) until it was proved to be either a joke, prank or something else.

It goes to prove how much people will repeat something they read or heard even if they have no proof. Can you say politics?

Work It - Canceled by ABC

The TV show "Work It" has been put down. For failure to compete with the big dogs it has been hauled away by network control.

The TV show followed the likes of  "Some Like it Hot," Bosom Buddies" and a few others I can't remember the names of right now.

Work It, followed Last Man Standing in the TV schedule and quite frankly I thought was a good lead in. I actually liked the show.

It is now gone after only 2 episodes. ABC didn't even give the show a chance. Maybe it was too tame since Two and a Half Men relied more on sexually based jokes than Work It did.

ABC will now air Last Man Standing back to back for awhile until they figure out what their next move is. Just what I need more of "Tim the toolman Tailor does outdoor sports." I know that Tim Allen can do better than the same tired old "man cave" characters that he has played on TV but I guess he needs a paycheck.