Kristen Chenoweth is a busy women

You remember "Olive" in the short lived TV show, Pushing up Daises, well she has been busy since that show went off the air. She is currently filming "You Again" a movie that is scheduled to be released in 2010. The movie's cast reads like a who's who of Hollywood. Here is a list of the other cast members:
Betty White
Patrick Duffy
Jamie Lee Curtis
Sigourney Weaver
Kristen Bell

By the way Kristen just won a Emmy tonight so congrats to her.

Got something ugly?

Everyone has something ugly they want to get rid of. Even big name celebrities has ugly things they wish they had never gotten. I bet Madonna wants to dump this ugly dress she wore.

Better yet who still owns what has to be one of the ugliest cars ever made? If you were thinking about the Gremlin you would be close. The Pacer below would get my vote. The car that looked like a greenhouse on wheels.

Or how about a homemade gizmo like this little treasure? A flesh and bone engine. It must have been a left over from the high price of gasoline last year.

So do you have something ugly to get rid of? I bet you do. Would you like to get something for it? I bet you do. Well you can. If you post a picture or video of something ugly you want to get rid of on LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page you can win a brand new LG Bliss phone. The contest runs from 9/11/2009 to 11/6/2009 and you can post a photo or video of something you consider ugly (sorry no people pics) and want to get rid of.

So what are you getting rid of? Got an old outdated piece of electronics? How about that old VHS movie that you never watch (I think I have at least 10 of those collecting dust).


Mary of Peter, Paul and Mary has just died

This is turning out to be a tragic week of big name entertainers dying. Today it is Mary Travers. Mary had leukemia and had been fighting it for years. She had a bone marrow transplant in 2006 and she reported that she had never felt better. The cancer came back earlier this year. Mary was 72 years old.

Patrick Swayze reported to be near death

The actor has returned home to die in the peace of his own home. He recently suffered a mild heart attack due to his cancer. He has been using a wheelchair more and more. In his frail condition he just wants to be surrounded by loved ones and in a familiar place. His body's organs are starting to shut down as the cancer takes it's toll. Our prayers are with him and his family at this time.

Lauren London is now a mama

Lauren is now a mama and I don't mean one hot mama but a real life mother. She and Li'l Wayne are parents to a boy. Wayne was there during the entire birth process and is one proud papa right now.

The party is on....

..the party at the Rehab that is. Well it looks like TruTv is at it again. This time it is season number 2 of the show Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel. This show is not just a big party in Las Vegas, truTV's Rehab takes us behind the scenes of what a hotel has to go through to put on a party with big name celebrities and at the same time try to keep their heavy drinking in check. Fights, security problems and fraud are all par for the course on this show. Watch the trailer for the show below.

At a time when the economy is going down the tubes is the American TV viewing public ready for more drunken celebrities? TruTv is gambling on it. The raw footage of fights, chases and yelling is more reminiscent of the TV show Cops, but with all the well endowed women in bikinis. In fact they are so confident you'll love the show you want to join in on the fun. They are having a contest and the Grand prize is a trip to Las Vegas where you will stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. Just click here to enter and find out more. You will be able to see first hand the parties and all the scantly clad girls running and screaming all over the place. If you are a women then this may or may not be your type of party. This show is geared more towards young men and some curiosity seekers that are almost any age or gender.

So when was the last time you were at a big party that had almost no end? I bet not that often if ever. If you can't make it to Las Vegas this year at least you can catch the party on TruTV.


Casey Wilson too fat?

Rumors are flying that the former Saturday Night Live actress was fired due to her weighing too much. Casey Wilson denies the reports and just says her contract was not renewed. Now I ask you, does the photo of Casey depict her as fat? I say flat - put a bra on girl, no one wants pancakes for a dinner show. Better yet get into a workout plan and develop those pecs.

Motley Crue - where are they now?

The heavy metal band of the 1980's and into the early 1990's with many tops videos on MTV and now VH1, Motley Crue, are they still around? So what are they up to? Are they still a band? I took a look and here is what I found:

Yes they are still doing tours and they have just released their 9th album. Since forming in 1981 they broke up briefly in the late 1990's and got back together around 2005. They are working on a movie called Dirt that is in the works and might be released sometime in 2011.

Baby machine family, the Duggars are at it again

The Duggar family is now expecting their 19th child. The 42 year old baby machine, Michelle Duggar made the announcement of their expectant 19th child on Tuesday. Michelle won't have to worry about changing more diapers as she has rarely done that chore in the past 10 years. The newborn will be "assigned" to another child to rear. They call it the buddy system. I call it a cop out. Of course Jim, the father, will not have to worry about were to get the money from to feed another mouth, they have a TV show and the more the merrier. If it was not the fact they were on TV for having so many kids in the first place I doubt if they would have even had the money for the house they live in.

It was the Duggars, Jim and his mother, who got the brilliant idea to approach a TV network with the idea of filming their large brood. The Discovery Channel was interested with the idea and bought it. Jim was building a home at the time and had run out of money. In fact the family was living on handouts from relatives. Lets say they were almost on the verge of welfare. The Discovery Channel stepped in and paid for the house to be finished.

Now that the family was on TV they could push their form of religion - breed like crazy. They have their own church. with a few close friends to make it a tax deduction. I wonder if the IRS should be looking into that. They also home school most of the kids. That way the children don't know any better when it comes to what a parent should be doing and not having the older children raise the younger children.

Good parenting skills went out the door when those dollar signs from heaven - opps I meant the Discovery Channel, showed up in their bank account.

That family has stirred up so much controversy since their 16th child, it is not funny anymore. Of course the internet is ripe with rumors and facts of the oldest children hating being raised like a herd. All of the older girls have been taught the same values as mom, find a husband and have lots of kids. Don't bother with a college education you won't need it to spend most of your time playing jungle gym in bed.

Here is an article about their life when the 18th child was on their way. You need to scroll down the page and read the comments since that is where you will find the rampant flame throwing.