Paris goes to Tokyo

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend are now taking in the sights in Tokyo. Watch the video and find out about Paris' latest.

Famous redheads

Of course we all know about well known blond bombshells but what about redheads? One of the most loved and well known redheads was Lucille Ball. Who else can we think of? Here is a short but memorable list of redheads in the movies:
  • Samantha Eggar
  • Woody Allen
  • Mitzi Gaynor
  • Rupert Grint
  • Susan Hayward
  • Rita Hayworth
  • Ron Howard
  • Madeline Kahn
  • Danny Kaye
  • Lindsay Lohan
Redheads sure do make for some interesting performers. I wonder if they would find a website community totally devoted to redheads something strange or interesting. I guess that there is a website devoted to almost everything nowadays, but a whole online community about and for redheads?


American Idol is well hated

If you loath American Idol you are not alone. Just do a search on the words "I hate American Idol" and you'll come up with at least 22,000+ results. I personally don't watch the show. What I loath about it is the fact that when someone gets voted off of the show it hits the Fox news. The item is NOT news worthy!!!

Tonight the TV show Fringe was moved to accommodate a 2 hour American Idol. I am now hearing the rumblings online in message boards. It seems that the TV show Fringe is liked better than the Idol.

The Watchmen movie

The new movie "The Watchmen" has not only gotten people talking but comic book collectors are on a rampage. Copies of the DC comics of the Watchmen dated in the 1980's are being bid on and sold on eBay in the hundreds of dollars. The highest one I personally saw was over $500 for issue number 8.

There will be a Hancock 2

Will Smith has already said there will be another Hancock movie. No word yet as to when filming will begin. I am curious as to what that large being or creature was in the background of Hancock during the tornado scene. I wonder if it will lead to the new movie plot?

Superbowl tailgate party with Journey - wheres Steve Perry?

For those of you that watched NBC's tailgate Superbowl show you saw the revamped rock group "Journey" minus Steve Perry. Steve left Journey in 1998 due to health reasons. Steve suffers from a degenerative bone disease and was unable to tour with the group.

The new lead singer is Steve Augeri who sounds almost identical to Perry. Of the original group only 2 members remain.