Tired of the heat of summer yet?

Don't let the heat of summer get to you. Go watch some snow boarding videos or catch up with your favorite winter sports figure. Think COLD.

After you have finished watching those cold videos and reading those ski goggles reviews, wear those new ski goggles and check out the latest in what is coming to your TV this coming fall. No I am not talking about the new fall line-up but the winter sports that will starting soon. 

On the snow boarding gossip side, did you know that Cory Smith was doing some summer snow boarding. Yep he headed out to Mt. Hood near his home town of Portland, Oregon and had some summer fun. It is August and there is still plenty of snow on that mountain. No wonder he has plenty of chances to practice. He even boasted that he made some boards out of wood and tried them out. This summer in Oregon is reported to be the coldest on record and some of the ski resorts are still open. With highs only in the 80's it looks like there will be year-round skiing to be found there.

The domain name is gone

I saw no point in having a top level domain that spoke more about dogs than Hollywood gossip, so it is gone. Right now some dip shit bought it for a real estate website. All I can say is good luck with that one. I might be shopping around for another domain name for the blog, but I am in no hurry. After all, I still get the visitors and apparently Google has already re-indexed everything. So for now, this is still the official "Gossip Hound" until I play with the name.

Lawerence Fishburne says goodbye to CSI

C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation: The Complete Ninth Season

Fishburne's contract was not renewed for this next season. He has told many people that he would like to have another season but failing ratings has dictated otherwise.

What I don't understand is the fact that William Patterson, the actor who plays Grissom IS the executive producer of the show. He leaves the onstage part of the show and watches the ratings go from number 1 to number 30 and figures it might be the fact that Fishburne is the blame. WAKE UP BILL, the audience misses you. If you could have only shown up in each episode for 5 or 10 minutes then people would have kept watching. My guess is that you make a better actor than you do a business man. Get your ass in gear and save the damn show or watch it go the way of the Law and Order franchise - down the tubes.

Great gift

Today we have another guest blogger

Posted by Hyman Weeks

My daughter knows how much I like to cook, and last year for my birthday she gave me a subscription to wireless Internet from Wirelessinternet.net. I know that doesn't sound related to cooking in any way, but I've actually needed a home Internet connection for some time now so that I can watch tutorial cooking videos online and order specialty ingredients that are hard to find in my small town. It was actually one of the most thoughtful gifts I've received in quite a while! My cooking has definitely improved since I got wireless, and I know my husband is really thankful my daughter thought outside the box. I have her over for a huge Italian feast about, after I got my wireless, and she was so impressed at how far my cooking techniques had come. What I did before I had wireless, I really have no idea! I'm planning to do Thanksgiving for my entire family this year, and I've already started a recipe hunt online to make sure it's perfect!

You're Cut Off!

Today we have a guest blogger

Contributed by Maria Ruiz

One of the best reality shows is "You're Cut Off" on VH 1. This fabulous show depicts the lives of spoiled brats that have been cut off from their parents never ending trust funds. This show depicts how young adults must cope with the startling reality of making their own living and paying their own bills without mommy or daddy's help. I love watching this show as a hard working girl, because it is fun to see the spoiled brats finally suffer for their expenditures.

I indulge in viewing this show on satellite tv with NFL Sunday Ticket all the time. Well, actually, I only watch this show when I am not working one of my many jobs, which is quite an irony. I am so completely different than the girls on this show, in that I work so hard for every cent I earn on this planet. While I was given a blessed childhood, I understand the value of a hard earned dollar unlike the spoiled brats on this show. On this show, young women must compete against one another by staying within tight budgets. These girls can become so catty, as they are cut off from their parents' finances. In the end, I think this show is pure comedy and a joy to watch for any hard working girl out there who wants insight into the wretched lives of spoiled brats!

Two and a Half Men is a goner

I have kept silent on the subject of Charlie Sheen and his departure from the most popular TV show on the air......till now.

I shake my head in total disbelief when people in general have turned against Sheen. After all, the show is based on his real life, that was according to Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two and a Half Men. So why are people surprised when they hear that Charlie has 2 live in girlfriends, parties all night long with booze and drugs and has the money to spend, spend, spend. He and Charlie Harper are one in the same.

Now here is an interesting thought:
Should the sitcom still stay in production but with a different actor playing the part of Charlie, can Charlie Sheen sue for using his lifestyle without due compensation? After all, it was based on Charlie's real life exploits.

An Idiot Abroad

Have you seen the TV show, An Idiot Abroad? If not you are missing a fabulously funny show. It airs on the Science channel on DirecTV. The show has reportedly broke viewer records for the Science Channel and I can see why. Below is a short excerpt of the show.......enjoy.

Dr. Phil riding on the fame of the "man with a golden voice"

Remember the man who was "discovered" on a street corner begging? He had a "golden voice" for broadcasting and was hired. Then comes along Dr. Phil and his TV show.

Dr. Phil is being a jack-ass, at least in my book. He found a patsy in Ted (the man with the golden voice) and put him on his show under the disguise of therapy. All Phil is thinking about is his shows ratings. Yes Ted has problems but show me any family who doesn't. The only reason Phil got Ted on his show is because people are curious about him. Phil is putting Ted and his family on parade, shame on you Dr. Phil!!!

We all know that Dr. Phil claims that he does not pay any of his "guests" on his show.....well if he keeps up using those people to prop up his own ratings then maybe he should be paying them.

Is karaoke making a comeback?

Karaoke, that bar time social activity that made you think you could sing and it provided cheap, free entertainment for night clubs everywhere. That was about 15 years ago. About that time the first karaoke machines made it into private homes across the USA. People would buy special music CDs made just for the machines. The karaoke music was in the form of a video with the music and the lyrics on the screen for you to sing along with. I am sure you have seen plenty of videos on Youtube or AFV (America's Funniest Videos) showing people that could not carry a tune in a bucket. They are plainly tone deaf.....but that does not stop them. Of course those were some interesting days, the same time that MTV actually still did show music videos 24/7.

So what brings this all up? I thought about the karaoke phase of our culture because a few nights ago I was watching that new comedy called S#*() My Dad Says (which is really "Shit My Dad Says) and Bill Shatner was in a bar with his son and he got on stage and sung (in the same style as those awful travel commercials he does). That made me wonder if karaoke is making a comeback.