Dr. Phil riding on the fame of the "man with a golden voice"

Remember the man who was "discovered" on a street corner begging? He had a "golden voice" for broadcasting and was hired. Then comes along Dr. Phil and his TV show.

Dr. Phil is being a jack-ass, at least in my book. He found a patsy in Ted (the man with the golden voice) and put him on his show under the disguise of therapy. All Phil is thinking about is his shows ratings. Yes Ted has problems but show me any family who doesn't. The only reason Phil got Ted on his show is because people are curious about him. Phil is putting Ted and his family on parade, shame on you Dr. Phil!!!

We all know that Dr. Phil claims that he does not pay any of his "guests" on his show.....well if he keeps up using those people to prop up his own ratings then maybe he should be paying them.

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