Heath Ledger's Dark Knight

(photo of Heath in the movie First Knight)

Why is it that whenever a movie star dies and they have just completed a movie, that movie is touted to be the best performance that star has ever done? Case in point is James Dean and now Heath Ledger. Both actors had not stared in very many movies but both were stars on their way up the ladder. Heath's movie Dark Knight will be released on July 18th but has already been seen in special previews across the country. The critics are saying that Dark Knight is Health's best work ever.

Should I say it now? I do think that there will be a fascination with Heath Ledger much like the fascination of James Dean. Heath might just become one of those pop icons like Monroe and Dean.

Bon Jovi to put on a free concert

Are you looking for some free entertainment this summer? Bon Jovi will be in Central Park in New York City for a free concert on July 12th, 2008. For more news about Bon Jovi go to their website.

Behind the scenes of Wall-E

Take a video look at Wall-E, behind the scenes.

Madonna and hubby to call it quits?

News of a divorce between Madonna and hubby Richie and been on going since the couple got married. In fact rumors of a divorce have been circulating since 2006. Madonna had been loving the married life and enjoying being a mom. She has even written several children's books. Their secluded estate in England has given rise to the many rumors of divorce since the paparazzi has to make up something since they can't get close to her.

The latest gossip about the divorce has Madonna retaining a high profile divorce lawyer.

Ann Hathaway hangs with con artists

Hathaway's ex-boyfriend is accused of representing the Vatican to con people out of money! Where do these people come from? Out of the woodwork?

Vanessa Hudgen's new vid Sneakernight

Here is Vanessa's newest video Sneakernight - enjoy

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Trailer

Here is the theatrical trailer for the next Mummy movie. Enjoy!

Ellen DeGeneres wins 4th straight Emmy for talk show

It looks like people just can't get enough of Ellen. Her talk show has won "Best Daytime talk show host " for 4 years in a row. The Emmy was presented to her during the 35th annual Daytime Emmy award show last Friday night (June 20th, 2008)

Mary Jo Buttafuoco, what is she doing now?

Remember the woman who got shot by her husband's girlfriend 16 years ago? At the time she stood by her husband and then later divorced him. Here is a video up date on what she is up to nowadays.

Remembering George Carlin

George passed away on Sunday at the age of 71. He gave us such treasures as the 7 words you couldn't say on broadcast TV or radio. Below is a video tribute to the funny man.

Dick Cavett, is he still around?

I just read a quick blurp on Dick Cavett the old time talk show host and comedian. It said how the man had been fighting depression for years. I didn't even know the man was still alive much less 71 years old! He was one of those talk show hosts that mostly brought on the big name politicians of yesteryear much like the Barbra Wa-Wa of his day with a touch of humor. I remember him from my childhood. The top picture is how I remember him and the bottom picture is how he looks today.

Cyd Charisse dead at 86

That long legged dancer that hailed from Texas has passed away. The cause is reported to be a heart attack.

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols still very vocal

I didn't even know that Johnny Rotten was still around much less doing interviews.

Star Trek's Sulu to wed

George Takei will wed his long time partner Brad Altman in California. It is reported that over 200 guests have been invited and William Shatner is not one of them.

Tiger Woods admits to taking drugs during US Open

Tiger Woods recently underwent knee surgery. His doctors had warned him not to play golf until he has recovered. What does this greedy golfer do? He plays in the US Open. It was evident that he was in pain during the round on Father's Day 2008. He admitted in a news conference after the playing for the day that he was in pain and took "something" for it. Drug testing for golf pros was questioned in Golf World's magazine in January 2008. The major concern at that time was the use of recreational drugs.

Now for my input on the subject: Why aren't golf pros tested for drugs use in competition like other sports? I am talking about drugs to kill pain as well as steroid use. Athletes not in pain will perform better than athletes in pain. Painkillers should be a no - no in sports.

So the question is "what did Tiger take?"

Where is Hilary Clinton?

After bowing out of the Democratic race for the White House, she cannot be found. Aids close to her say she is spending some much needed down time with family. As a side note: I guess the "good o'le boys" won the race. Did you ever notice how Barrack was always referred to as Senator while Hilary (sorry I have to use her first name because of possible confusion with Bill) was the "former first lady"? I noticed that little gem while listening to male verses female reporters. There was definitely some biased reporting going on with the male/female angle.

Tim Russert, dead at 58

The Google search engines lit up like a Christmas tree for searches on the "Meet the Press" anchor, Tim Russert. Tim had a fatal heart attack while at the NBC studios preparing for a Meet the Press show. He was 58 years old.

High tech gossip

You remember those TV commercials about lifelock, where the head of the company puts his social security number on a big truck and has it drive all over a big city? The company claims to protect you against identity theft. Well I guess the big credit issuing bureaus didn't like that so one of them. Experian has filed a lawsuit. Experian alleges and I quote "credit laws do not provide for a third party to place fraud alerts on behalf of a consumer.” CNN Money has a video on the lawsuit with the CEO of Lifelock.

It looks like this little lawsuit could get messy and us consumers will be the ones to either win or lose depending on the out come.

Vinyl records are making a comeback

A large store chain on the west coast of the USA named Fred Meyer, accidentally placed an order for vinyl LP's instead of CD's. Most of the individual stores, located in Washington, Oregon and Alaska sent them back. A handful of the stores put them on display and many sold them out within hours. The incident has now caused a stir at the retail level and Fred Meyer plans on opening up a vinyl LP section in their stores in July 2008.

An unauthorized biography about Madonna

Madonna's unauthorized biography will be released in mid July 2008. Who is the author? Why it is Madonna's own brother, Christopher Ciccone. He was very close with his 50 year old sister at one time but now they have grown apart. Madonna has stated she has not authorized any biography by him or anyone else. I wonder what kind of juicy gossip will be in between the covers.

Yet another celebrity reality show

Don't we have enough of these reality shows with celebrities yet? First there was the Osbournes, then came the rocker from KISS. I think even Danny Bonaduce had one. Now the next group will be Jennifer Lopez and Pamela Anderson. Now if it wasn't Jennifer Lopez but George Lopez they might have something.

If the TV cable networks insist on doing those types of shows, here is who I would like to see:
  • Micheal Jackson and his daily battles with the finance companies and meeting with his lawyers
  • Martha Stewart and her hectic lifestyle while trying to prove to the world that simplier is better
  • Bill Gates, just to see his lavish lifestyle

Big Brown, hurting?

The racehorse Big Brown lost the last leg of the Triple Crown in a big way, he came in last. This big hearted Thoroughbred had to have something very wrong with him for such a sad performance. There have been pictures circulating all over the internet of his hooves and how bad they were. Many horse savvy people were surprised that he even won the first 2 races of the Triple Crown with those hooves. His hooves were reported to be held to together with supper glue and filler, much like the filler used for woman's fake finger nails. The old saying "no hoof, no horse" is very true. If his hooves were as bad as they say they were then that poor animal was in a great deal of pain. No wonder he didn't want to run, would you if your feet hurt to walk on them?

Paul Newman, 83, wants to drive his race car again

This guy doesn't know when to quit taking risks. At 83 years old he wants to race again. There are also rumors flying about him having cancer. Pictures of him, taken since May 2008, show a frail and very thin man. Realistically, what do people expect an 83 year old man to look like? Fat and sassy? The only thing close friends and his agent will say is that "he is doing well". He and his wife Joanne Woodward are still married and live in Westport.

Free summer concerts from Radio Disney

If you happen to be close to New Jersey this July 2008, you might want to catch one of the free concerts brought to you by Disney. There will be 3 free concerts featuring new stars from Radio Disney. The concerts will be at a well known new jersey water park known as Morey's Piers.

This has go to be one of the top things to do in New Jersey this summer. You won't want to miss taking your teen to see their favorite Disney singer - for free! The free concerts are on Mondays only. here are the dates: July 7, 14 and the 21st. Concert times are at 1pm and 4pm each day and will take place at the Radio Disney stage next to the Giant Ferris Wheel on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing pier.

Jordan Pruitt will be performing on July 14, and Savvy and Mandy on July 21st.

Now get set for the big announcement, after those free concerts there will be a big finale concert on July 26th with Raven! Now that concert you have to pay for but the tickets will be on sale through Ticketmaster. Raven-Symone concerts always sell out so you had better purchase tickets early. In fact last time Raven was even close to where I live for a concert those tickets sold out within hours of their release. Of course concert tickets are not cheap but with the purchase of those tickets you also get $10 off the price of the tickets to the water park.

Raven has lost lots of weight. She is no longer the rolly-polly actress/singer that we knew for the past few years. She looks great.

Person killed during movie shoot

A stuntman was killed during the filming of John Woo's latest film, "Red Cliff". Filming is in China and 2 boats collided during an action/chase scene. The 2 boats then went up in flames, killing one of the stunt men. John Woo is reported to be on a deadline with orders from China's government to get the movie released before the opening of the Olympics in Beijing in August 2008. "Red Cliff" is suppose to showcase the history of China.

George Jones guitar to be returned

The country singing legend, George Jones, had one of his first guitars stolen way back in 1962. That's nearly 50 years ago! What what is so special about that? The guitar will be returned to him in an upcoming concert. The man who had it in his possession all those years was trying to return it to Jones after buying it from 2 kids on the street. The man has been writing letters and making phone calls to try and contact Jones for nearly 50 years and could not get a hold of him. He finally got through to Jones via a radio broadcast host in February 2008.

Star Trek music creator dies

The man who gave us the theme music for the Star Trek series has died. Alexander "Sandy" Courage passed away at the age of 88 from a long illness.

Bo Diddley - RIP (the NIKE commercial)

Bo Diddley - RIP

The blues guitarist, Bo Diddley has died at the age of 79. The cause was heart failure. A well known musician he also appeared in a NIKE commercial.

Hot movie gossip

I just heard from a friend that works in the movie industry the latest gossip about movies might be in the works. Here is a quick run down:
  • Disney has given the green light to the 4th Pirates movie. This one will not have Will or Elizabeth but only have the farther adventures of Jack. It is rumored to be about the fountain of youth.
  • 2 horror movies will have remakes: Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. Both are slated for 2010 and 2012 release dates.