Ax Men star charged with felony

One of the company owners that appears on the TV show AX Men is in fair condition in Oregon after rolling his Jeep in his own driveway, in Oregon. He had his young 3 children in the Jeep with him and none of them were wearing seat belts. Mike Pihl of Pihl Logging is being charged with 3 counts of reckless endangerment. Yes, alcohol was a factor but since he was on private property he is not being charged with drunk driving.

The children are aged 3 and 5 are recovering from minor injuries. There are conflicting stories about the injuries that Mike had. One has it that he was released from the hospital and was arrested, another report has it that he is still in the hospital in fair condition.

Roughnecks and oil

Don't tell me you haven't seen the newest TV show in the line of actuality TV - truTV BLACK GOLD. It has been on TruTV for a week now. This is it's second season on the air.

Here are a few little known facts about the show and the truTV BLACK GOLD characters:
  • The second season will feature "Rooster" McConaughey, the brother of movie actor Matthew. This is also a second season for Rooster, who also appeared in season one.
  • Rooster named his second son Miller Lyte after his favorite beer
  • The newest member of the crew is a city slicker added to make the series a touch more nerve wrenching.
  • Since the opening show many of the men are getting a women fan base. Many websites getting requests for more photos of the sweaty, muddy men.
  • Miller Lite beer and the fast food chain Wendy's are the sponsors of the second season, I guess that is to appeal to the young viewers that are watching.
  • Miller Lite beer will also be featured in the show itself. I wonder if that is a wise move?
  • The show's major audience is men ages 18-54
  • Autry Stephens is the owner of the oil company featured in the second season. He is a multimillionaire. He has more than 4,000 wells producing approximately $1.5 million of oil every day.
  • Stephens is a local legend and owner of the 10th largest producing company of Texas oil.
Here is a video, enjoy -

Now are you more inclined to watch the show? Is it dangerous enough for you? I find that most real life TV shows appeal to people that have a connection to that profession. I personally have more of a connection to the AX Men show simply because I live in an area that is logged. For people living on the coast, Deadliest Catch might have more appeal. Of course Black Gold appeals to all those men that are mechanically inclined or have a job working with heavy equipment. Not all men will be watching the show. I have heard the remark "it reminds me too much of where I work" and they won't be watching the show. I wonder what the truTV BLACK GOLD Healthcare plan is like?


Ted Kennedy dies

The second longest elected term senator in the USA has died. Ted Kennedy passed away at the age of 77. He spent 40 years as a US senator, the second longest in elected terms in the US. Senator Byrd was the longest.

Kennedy is the last of the Kennedy generation that gave us a president and another senator. Ted Kennedy was the youngest of the 3 brothers.

Mystery surrounds murder suicide

Ryan Jenkins, the murder suspect of his ex-wife Jasmine was found dead in a motel room in Canada. The millionaire fled from California along the coast in his boat. Motive remains a mystery and there are thoughts that another person is involved. The motel room that he was found hanging in was in a womans name and was paid by a woman. The mystery woman is yet to be identified.

This case is now considered closed by the police but I wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye.

Oil reality show

You have experienced Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men and The Deadliest Catch, are you ready for the next offering of high risk jobs? Filmed in the oil fields of west Texas those people that produced those other shows now brings us Black Gold. I remember watching the movie with John Wayne only recently about the life of Red Adair (the famous oil fire fighter) and wondered if this show will produce that type of entertainment. "Red" Adair passed away in 2004. If he was still alive I wonder if he would be watching the show. Fighting oil fires takes a special type of human of which there are only very few in this world. Watch the videos below and see for yourself what is required for these tough jobs.

Another video that will wet your appetite for the show. You can also watch truTV's Black Gold drilling .

I know that I will never have what it takes to handle that type of job. Does it look easy to you? I have got to take my hat off to those types of shows. It helps to demystify the glamor of many dangerous jobs.

truTV's Black Gold premieres on TRU TV on Aug 19, 2009 at 10pm (9 central) with new episodes each Wednesday night. If you forget to watch it you can catch some of it at so there is not excuse not to find out more about it. Here is truTV's Black Gold trailer for your entertainment.


Small time actor wanted for murder of model

Ryan Jenkins is being sought for questioning in the murder of model Jasmine Fiore. The 28 year old model's body was found Saturday stuffed into a trash bin in LA. Jasmine was married to Ryan in Las Vegas but the marriage was annulled 2 months later.

Ryan played a small part as a Masquerade Dancer in the movie Phantom of the Opera (2004) and was in the reality show "Megan Wants a Millionaire."

Reality or TruTV?

Don't you just love the words that TV throws at us? First it was "reality" TV where you watch things on TV that were not rehearsed or the footage edited. Now we have actuality TV were you can watch crimes being committed, accidents as they happen and all other glorious and gory parts of life. Producers have spared us no room for imagination anymore. That could be a bad thing or a good thing depending on your imagination.

How do you react to to watching those types of shows? Can you take 'em or leave them? Do you get verbal and talk back to the TV or be quite because everyone will look at you strange if you do? I certainly hope you don't act anything out or get violent.

Crime shows like Cops and Forensic Files are among the most popular on TruTV but other shows such as The Smoking Gun Presents and Haunting Evidence are gaining a following. All of them will cause the truTV effect in you if you are not careful. Remember even too much laughing will cause pain.

TruTV has made an hilarious TV ad that just left me in stitches. You can watch it below. Caution, you might want to see more of it. All I can say is thank goodness we don't have any close neighbors. You can go to the TruTV website and watch more truTV videos, in fact they have everything on there.

Well, what did you think? Funny or not? Does it make you want to watch their shows? or was it cute for all of 3 minutes and that is it?


Phelps in fender bender

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps was in a fender bender Thursday night. Phelps was driving and had two passengers in the car when it collided with another car at an intersection in Baltimore, Maryland. No one was hurt in his car but the other driver was taken to the hospital. No word yet on the cause of the accident.

Vick has new job

Michael Vick the football player turned animal abuser/gambling baron, now is working for the Philly Eagles. Let's see how the teams popularity goes after this addition.

Harry Potter - a flash in the pan?

After all the big promotion of the latest Harry Potter movie, the movie's debut and following weeks have dwindled. Was the movie a dud? Is the charm of Harry getting old? Movie goers seem to saying yes.

After only a few weeks of the movie's release there is hardly any mention of it in the media. People are not talking about it on the streets anymore.