Roughnecks and oil

Don't tell me you haven't seen the newest TV show in the line of actuality TV - truTV BLACK GOLD. It has been on TruTV for a week now. This is it's second season on the air.

Here are a few little known facts about the show and the truTV BLACK GOLD characters:
  • The second season will feature "Rooster" McConaughey, the brother of movie actor Matthew. This is also a second season for Rooster, who also appeared in season one.
  • Rooster named his second son Miller Lyte after his favorite beer
  • The newest member of the crew is a city slicker added to make the series a touch more nerve wrenching.
  • Since the opening show many of the men are getting a women fan base. Many websites getting requests for more photos of the sweaty, muddy men.
  • Miller Lite beer and the fast food chain Wendy's are the sponsors of the second season, I guess that is to appeal to the young viewers that are watching.
  • Miller Lite beer will also be featured in the show itself. I wonder if that is a wise move?
  • The show's major audience is men ages 18-54
  • Autry Stephens is the owner of the oil company featured in the second season. He is a multimillionaire. He has more than 4,000 wells producing approximately $1.5 million of oil every day.
  • Stephens is a local legend and owner of the 10th largest producing company of Texas oil.
Here is a video, enjoy -

Now are you more inclined to watch the show? Is it dangerous enough for you? I find that most real life TV shows appeal to people that have a connection to that profession. I personally have more of a connection to the AX Men show simply because I live in an area that is logged. For people living on the coast, Deadliest Catch might have more appeal. Of course Black Gold appeals to all those men that are mechanically inclined or have a job working with heavy equipment. Not all men will be watching the show. I have heard the remark "it reminds me too much of where I work" and they won't be watching the show. I wonder what the truTV BLACK GOLD Healthcare plan is like?


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