Oil reality show

You have experienced Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men and The Deadliest Catch, are you ready for the next offering of high risk jobs? Filmed in the oil fields of west Texas those people that produced those other shows now brings us Black Gold. I remember watching the movie with John Wayne only recently about the life of Red Adair (the famous oil fire fighter) and wondered if this show will produce that type of entertainment. "Red" Adair passed away in 2004. If he was still alive I wonder if he would be watching the show. Fighting oil fires takes a special type of human of which there are only very few in this world. Watch the videos below and see for yourself what is required for these tough jobs.

Another video that will wet your appetite for the show. You can also watch truTV's Black Gold drilling .

I know that I will never have what it takes to handle that type of job. Does it look easy to you? I have got to take my hat off to those types of shows. It helps to demystify the glamor of many dangerous jobs.

truTV's Black Gold premieres on TRU TV on Aug 19, 2009 at 10pm (9 central) with new episodes each Wednesday night. If you forget to watch it you can catch some of it at TRUTV.com so there is not excuse not to find out more about it. Here is truTV's Black Gold trailer for your entertainment.


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