American Idol

Are you curious as to what former American Idol contestants are up to now? Here is the round up of what they are doing.

Ready for some free movies

On my travels thru cyberspace I came across a blog that is not only fascinating but it also has links to free movies you can download. The latest one on the blog is a movie about prehistoric times called "10,000 BC". Visit the Blogsters Guild blog.

New Star Wars movie to come out this year

George Lucas is at it again. This time it is a computer generated movie called Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The video below is a sneak preview.

Male swimmer cannot compete because of his gender

You are a male and you are not allowed in! I am not talking about a womens restroom but a swim team, the Olympic swim team. Discrimination in reverse. Watch the video for more info.

The Spitzer scandal continues

Now the call girl is getting all the fame and glory. Watch the video.

The Governor of New York got caught rolling in the hay

Governor Spitzer did a no-no, he visited a high priced call girl and got caught. I am not really concerned about the a-hole but I do wonder if his wife knew anything about it. I saw her on the news tonight and the look on her face said "I didn't know!"

Whoopi Goldberg talks about Swayze

Whoopi speaks about her friend Patrick Swayze.

Sad news for Patrick Swayze

Horrible news has come out today about silver screen idol Patrick Swayze, he has cancer. There have be conflicting reports of his treatment and severity of the disease. The National Enquirer said he had only weeks to live. MSNBC has a report that the cancer is very small and treatment is going well. Patrick is still working and has not slowed down one bit.

Because of the public heightened awareness of his health there have been enormous hits on websites that feature the actor. A friend of mine runs a small website that has celebrity horse owners. When she checked her stats on hits to her Patrick Swayze page - it was out of sight.

Here is her Patrick Swayze as a horse owner page. The page has lots of photos of Pat and his horse.

Anna Nicole Smith heir has been decided

Anna Nicole's daughter is now officially her heir. The 18 month old will have a trust fund set up for her. Her father and Anna's lawyer will be co-trustees.

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