Las Vegas to host fantasy football draft

This year's Las Vegas Fantasy Football Superdraft will be held August 27th - 30th, 2009. It promises to be a entertaining weekend with performances by rapper FLO RIDA and George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic (AKA the P Funk Band).

Many of the top hotels in Las Vegas will be hosting the event. Every one of the hotels is planing something special. Fantasy sports has come a long way since it first was developed years ago. Lots of fantasy football gurus and some well known sports celebrities are reported to be on hand for the event.

So what else will be going on at the event? Among the events will be a VIP Party on 8/28 at LAX Nightclub at Luxor Hotel and Casino and a pool party at the Mirage with "pool playmates". There will even be a tailgate party.

The weekend is certainly geared towards men with cheerleaders and "playmates". Be warned if the men in your family express a sudden wish to visit Las Vegas this coming August.


Harry Potter fever is on

For the first time in quite sometime our local movie theater will be having a showing of the new Harry Potter movie at one minute past midnight on Wednesday morning. The Harry Potter movie is starting to spark some movie going interest even in a small rural town.

Why are you still watching TV?

If you are reading this then why are you still watching and paying for cable, broadcast or satellite TV? Have you not yet realized that you can get all of your favorite TV shows online now? I personally cannot see why cable companies keep rising their rates when people will not only drop their service but will also turn to the internet to watch their shows.

More and more websites are popping up just devoted to carrying TV shows to download and watch for FREE. Here is just one of them: Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free. So now tell me again why are you paying $50+ a month for cable?

Harry Potter and the half blood prince

Are you ready for the next Harry Potter movie? Warner Brothers is hoping you are. The 6th movie in the series of 8 movies (yes I know there were only 7 books but the plan is to make the last book into 2 movies) is scheduled to hit the US theaters on July 15, 2009.

I haven't seen the hype in the stores with Harry Potter clothes like in years past so maybe the theater going public is getting a bit worn out on Harry and his wizard friends. Only time will tell and of course we'll all see what happens come Halloween this year.