Hugh Jackman and family gets mobbed by fans and reporters on Sunday

The next X-Men movie will be coming out soon and Hugh Jackman is feeling the crush of fans. He whole family was mobbed by the press and paparazzi as they left a Nicks game in New York on Sunday. Film footage is below. He (Hugh) is holding his daughter while his wife (the short haired blond) is holding their son's hand.

Sears and the "Heroes"

You have no doubt seen the TV ads about Sears helping out the families that have members in the military. If you were like me, I thought that Sears was donating a portion of their sales to help those families. Instead, Sears was spending millions of dollars on commercials to ask us the American public to donate to those families via their heroes at home website.

Quite frankly I would have more respect for Sears if they had quietly helped those families out and then did a press release after the fact. Nothing like wasting advertising dollars to try and convince the rest of us that Sears is the good guy. Can you tell that I did not think that this was a good idea for Sears? Sure the families benefited but here is also a chance for other big US companies to quietly step up to the plate and out do Sears by not wanting the world to know but by word of mouth will gain the public's respect.


The movie Tron will be back as Tron 2.0

Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges will be back for the sequel to Tron. Looking back and watching the old Tron movie, it was made just at the point when electronic games were at their infancy, it made today's movies seem so far advanced, technology wise. I wonder what special effects the movie makers will have in store for us this time around. The story line is being kept under tight wraps but it is alledged to continue where the old movie left us.

What movie did you get this Christmas?

With the slew of top movies being released just before Christmas this year I bet you got one of them on DVD as a gift. The Dark Knight, Wall-e and the latest Mummy movie are just a few of the well known ones. Don't worry if you didn't get one, you could always go and shop for a few last minute gifts from Kmart for yourself after Christmas. I bet the prices will be even lower then. While you are there you should check out all of their other sales, I usually do. I can never get out of the place without buying something.

Speaking of movies here is what will be coming up in the next few months at the box office:
  • Wolverine. Yes it is the next movie in the X-men series
  • Terminator Salvation. Another Terminator movie
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Need I say more?
  • The next Harry Potter movie. That one was suppose to be released last September but was pulled back from the release date. I am still not sure why that happened since the movie was almost complete if not done in August 2008.
  • Spiderman 4
Lots of good stuff in there.


Eartha Mae Kitt dies

Eartha Kitt was known for her unusual voice and the fact she played one of the many "Catwomen" roles on the old TV series Batman. She was one of the first black women to gain access to White House functions in the form of a guest and not as one of the help.

Now that she is gone I can imagine that her movies and music will become collectors items overnight.

Eartha Mae Kitt
Jan 17, 1927 - Dec 25, 2008

A must see movie

If you are an animal movie nut like I am then you have got to reserve your DVD copy of "All Roads Lead Home". Below is the movie trailer and if it doesn't bring tears to your eyes then you are not human. This is one movie I am defiantly going to watch.

It will be available on DVD on January 13, 2008.

Social networking for music lovers


You know all about social networking. Myspace and Facebook taught you all about that. Now there is a social network that is all about music. A place where the actual artists, producers and fans can all come together.

The place is Kerchoonz and you can download music for free without worrying about stealing it since the artist gets their royalties straight from Kerchoonz.

I just became a member (membership is free) and checked out some of the videos. There is one on there called the "Mad Drummer" which is a gorilla playing the drums to a well known song. The videos are not your typical Youtube type fare but are professionally done by the artists themselves.

If you are a music download fanatic then you'll love this site. Don't worry about finding your way around, when you join up they put some how-to instructions in your "in box". Check it out, what have you got to lose except maybe a few hours of entertaining fun.


Do you go to the movies on Christmas Day?

For all those people that just have to get away from the family festivities on Christmas Day here is a list of movies that are scheduled to open right on Christmas Day 2008.
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. A movie about a man that is born at the age of 80 and as he "ages" he gets younger. Stars Brad Pitt.
  • Bedtime Stories. A man tells bedtime stories that seem to becoming real. Stars Adam Sandler.

Video interview with K-OS

Enjoy the interview with K-OS. Video below

The giant Ricky Lake is now smaller

The former talk show host, Ricky Lake has been telling her fans how she has lost over 140 lbs. She use to weigh in at 270 lbs. Now a trim 130 lbs she tells the world that she was fat most of her life and can't believe how fat she use to be!

My goodness she has lost over 1/2 of her body weight! Congrats to Ricky!

The Naked Brothers band have a new movie


"Operation Mojo" is the name of the Band's new TV movie. This coming Saturday Nat and Alex with be having a live chat as part of promoting Operation Mojo.

The Naked Brothers Band is a cable show on Nickelodeon. They have been on the air now for 3 seasons and it is reported to be one of Nickelodeon's highest rated shows. Done much in the same style as the old Partridge Family TV show of yesteryear but updated for today's teens. The brothers are the new heartthrobs for 10 year old girls. The brothers are only 13 years old and under themselves.

Operation Mojo is their 6th TV movie.

The brothers in the TV show are real brothers and are played by Nat and Alex Wolff. The show is produced, written and directed by their real life mom, Polly Draper. Their real life dad is Micheal Wolff who is the co-executive producer and music supervisor of the TV show. Wolff also stars as the brothers' geeky father, who plays the accordion in the show.


Wall-E is out on DVD

I am defiantly going to get Wall-E on DVD. That movie is a keeper. I just fell in love with the sight jokes. I will wait at least 2 weeks after it comes out because that is when the stores start discounting them a few dollars.

Wall-E game and fun

Lloyd of "Back to the Future" fame loses home in California wildfires

Christopher Lloyd is one of the many people that have lost their mansions in the Montecito fire north of Los Angeles. His home was worth an estimated $11 million. He does not plan to rebuild.

Angelina Jolie the tattooed lady

Angelina Jolie has at least 14 tattoos all over her body. A few of them are shown in the photo above - yes that is Jolie's back. Some are quite large and other are small symbols or good lucky charms. When she is doing a movie they are covered up by make-up. If she does not cover them up for celebrity events then she looks like the tattooed lady. If you want to find out in detail with photos all of Angelina Jolie's tattoos then click here.

Sex and the economy

Today we have a guest writer:

One of the joys of watching the stock exchange is trying to guess what will happen and then trying to explain why you were wrong. It seems obvious that expensive drugs used for recreational purposes will be one of the first to feel the effects of the economic slowdown. You only have to look at the signs all around you. The banks are failing, the housing bubble has burst with foreclosures everywhere, and unemployment is rising. These are signs of a recession. So if people are going to struggle to keep a roof over the heads and put food on the table, nonessential drugs will be the first sacrifice. Except that the latest sales numbers out of Eli Lilly show that, in the sale of cialis, gross revenue jumped by 20% in the last quarter as against the same quarter last year. So, no matter what else may be going on in the world, there is one fundamental truth. Men will keep paying to treat problems of erectile dysfunction. Whatever else may be slowing down, the action is not slowing down in the bedroom. Perhaps the answer lies in male culture. There is still so much shame associated with erectile dysfunction. Men whose performance is affected feel, somehow, they are no longer "proper" men. If possible, they hide the problem. If hiding is unlikely to be effective, it comes down to two choices. Honestly discussing the problem with their partner helps to keep the relationship going. Sacrificing the relationship allows the man to save face without having to admit the failure. Why should the expensive branded cialis still be so popular? Well, there are two versions. The original version allows sexual activity for up to thirty-six hours. This gives almost complete flexibility allowing for sex whenever and wherever the urge comes. It's as close to a natural response as you can get with only one pill. The other version is the once-daily tablet. This is a low dosage treatment that allows normal sexual responsiveness 24/7. The price for both versions is the same. It's left to the man to decide which version is most convenient. When looking around to buy cialis, the standard approach is to go visit with your local healthcare provider, get a prescription and head down to your local drugstore. Except that traps you into buying this must-have drug at the prevailing retail price. Those of you who follow these things will know that the price for cialis has recently increased. Which is why you have come on to this site, where you can buy cialis at a rather less painful price without having to go get a prescription. This keeps your performance going without it straining your budget in a recession.

William Shatner the whiner

I use to like Bill Shatner when he was Capt. Kirk on the old Star trek series. He was even pretty good in some of the Star Trek movies. I do believe that the man is getting too old and way too fat for my liking anymore. He did not keep his mouth shut when the latest Star trek movie did not want him in at least a cameo role. He managed to send out a video message to all his "friends" at explaining in detail what he thought about the new movie. His latest publicity stunt if you call it that was whinnying about how he wasn't invited to George's wedding (his co-star in Star trek, Sulu). George on the other hand claims that Bill was invited but he never got an RSVP back from him. Come on Bill grow up, your body did but I guess your mind didn't.

Madonna to get a divorce

Well, it's official, Madonna and Richie will be divorced by Christmas. Video below shows them in happier times.

Making money in the music and movie business

I am sure that almost everyone has had a dream of becoming a movie star or a musician at least once in their lives. Youtube was based on the fact that everyone wants to be known for something.

A new music promotion website has done Youtube one better. They have provided not only free access for visitors to view original music and movies but they also help promote the artists too. If you have been wasting your time at Youtube trying to find top notch entertainment or if you are the artist looking for an audience then go to the link I have provided and check it out.

I watched several of the documentaries done by Shipwreck Central. They are a dive team that films the submerged ships. I didn't get a chance to check out any of the music groups on there but you can be sure that I bookmarked the site for visiting it later.


The new TV season for CSI

If you have the slightest curiosity about the new fall season of CSI (Las Vegas) then go to the CSI season guide for season 9, where you can see when the new episodes with be airing and after they air viewers comments on them. Each episode listed has a summary of what takes place. By the way the first episode is scheduled to air on 10/9/2008, so you haven't missed it yet.

Silly reader, Disney is not just for kids anymore

You'll have to excuse my play on the Trix Rabbit saying for the title of this post but I just to let it be known that the Disney Company and Studios has grown up - way up! Several years back (1985) the Disney Company had a little spin off from the regular Disney movies called "Touchstone". That company was responsible for adult comedies like the Golden Girls, Scrubs on TV and movies on the big screen such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Dick Tracy, The Rocketeer, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Santa Clause, Remember the Titans, Sweet Home Alabama, Bringing Down the House, National Treasure, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dark Water, Hidalgo and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

If the movie or TV show was rated PG-13 or higher then Disney would release the film under the Touchstone label.

Now here is something you might or might not know about the animation division of Disney Studios: the animators had a sense of off the wall humor. If you go to and do a search on "X-rated Disney" or "sex and Disney" you will come up with some very interesting stuff. For example the Preacher that marries the Little Mermaid and the Prince is having an erection during the ceremony. The cover on the VHS movie case for the Little Mermaid has a penis as one of the towers on the castle in the background - Disney has since then revised it.

Before you run out an either rent or buy some of those movies you might want to take a trip over to the Disney Movie Club website and get up to 3 movies for $1.99 each. Yes they have the adult fan fare there. After all the baby boomers are aging so Disney has to make money catering to them as well as the kids. All the movies at the Disney Movie Club have free shipping so you don't have to waste any gas to get the movies delivered to your door.

Happy birthday Donna Douglas, AKA "Ellie May"

The actress that played Ellie May Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies turns 75 today. The photo of her above was taken in June 2007. Below is how she use to look in the TV series that made her famous. So what is she doing now? She lives in Louisiana and does charity work for Christian children's organizations.

The new TV season - fall 2008

Have you seen any of the new shows lately? Last night was the premiere of the new season for Heroes. The network put on a one hour count down to the series. Didn't they have anything better to put on? OK so I watched part of it, the premier show that is. I was intrigued enough to watch some of Heroes episode that followed. Can you say "cheap rip off of X-Men?" Now I know why I didn't bother watching Heroes when it first came out. If I want to watch X-Men type heroes, I'll watch X-Men not a cheap, filled with commercials, rip off like Heroes. Come on screenwriters when will you come up with an original idea other than follow a successful big screen movie?

Now I am waiting for the first episode of CSI to come on later in the week. It will be Gill's last season as head of CSI. I wonder if when he leaves they might find that most of the fan base might not continue watching the show. I personally like William Peterson's portrayal of Gill and I don't like the other CSI spin-offs because they lack the crew that appears in the Las Vegas CSI. We shall see.

I do miss the Bionic Woman that had is first season cut short because of the writers strike and never came back. Another show that almost had the same fate was Pushing Daisies but that show will be back on the air either this week or next.

Pink Floyd loses a member

One of the founding members of the rock group, Pink Floyd has died. Richard Wright died today (Monday, Sept. 15, 2008) from cancer. Not much is being said about his battle with cancer. In the coming days we might hear more about his last days. He was 65 years old.

The latest "Gossip" news video

Since I have not written a blog post in the past week (heck I was on vacation) here is a quick catch up video on what is going on. Pamela Sue Anderson and Palin disagree over an animal rights rally, divorces and a famous bicyclist. Video below.

Jerry Reed died

That good ole' boy, singer Jerry Reed died earlier this month. The singer wrote and sang that funny song "The Bird" which gives new meaning to one getting "it".

David Duchovny addicted to sex?

It has been confirmed that David is now seeking treatment for his addiction to - sex! read the article below for the inside scoop.

Was Johnny Carson, really Nicole Smith's lover?

An interesting but fake story is being generated around the internet. Johnny Carson of the TV show the Tonight Show was linked with late Anna Nicole Smith. Here is the link to the story - complete with photos.

Johnny Carson and Anna Nicole Smith

No wedding bells for Sheridan and Bolton

Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton have called off the engagement. They announced in March of 2006 that they were engaged to be married. Just over 2 years later they have called it off. The couple has been together on and off since 1992.

Singer Ed Robertson in plane crash

Ed survived a small aircraft plane crash on Monday, August 25, 2008 in Canada. He is the lead singer for the group Barenaked Ladies. Ed was piloting the small plane. The engine apparently stalled and the plane went straight down, nose first, right after take off. Ed and 3 passengers all walked away from the crash without a scratch. Talk about a miracle!

Democratic convention or Hollywood stage show?

If you think that the Democratic Convention is all talk and no play then you should see what they have planned as entertainment for the crowds. Here is a brief list of the singers and celebrities that will be on tap, both preforming and speaking:
  • Paltrow
  • Norton
  • Warren Beatty
  • Dana Delany
  • Matthew Modine
  • Kanye West
  • Charlize Theron
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Edward Norto
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Melissa Etheridge
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Rufus Wainwright
That's just for starters. The list does not include all the celebrities that just plan on showing up.

Lee Eon dies in motorcycle accident

The well know Korean model turned actor died early Thursday, August 21, 2008 as a result of hitting a tree while traveling on his motorcycle in his home country of Korea. He had just left a party where he was celebrating the end of one of his successful TV series's.

The 27 year old actor was reported to have died instantly and it is not known if he was drunk or wearing a helmet.

That incident has got to be one of the stronger arguments for finding the best motorcyle helmet you can afford and WEAR it.

Lee Eon is not the first actor to get killed or injured while riding a motorcycle in the past few years. Here is a brief list of well known people who have had motorcycle accidents in the last few years:
  • George Clooney, American movie star
  • George Naidas, Greek TV star
  • Keith Urban, country singer
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maybe they are the type that think they can do as good a job as their stunt doubles do in the movies.

John McCain and his houses

I normally don't have much to say about politics and this blog usually stays away from most political news and opinions but when I heard about John McCain and his comment about how many houses he owns I just had to mention something. If you had not heard already, John McCain was asked by a reporter how many houses he owned. He would not give an answer at first and then his reply was "I'll have to get back to you on that one". The man is so damn rich he doesn't know how many houses he has or even visits a store to buy something (he made a remark earlier in his campaign about how the checkout devices in the store worked giving the indication that he had not seen one before). Wait I take that back, his wife more than likely is the one that owns the homes since she is the one with the money and he is so pampered that he doesn't need to go to a store.

I would like to know why he is even running for office. He doesn't plan on changing anything and he only wants to be in office for one term. I wonder who's leash he is on? At 75 years old does he still wanting glory of some type?

Daniel Radcliffe all grown up

The Harry potter star is now 19 and showing his age now. The make-up used on him in the movies has done a lot to improve on his looks. Good looking as a child star, his latest appearance at the Tony Awards show has him looking raunchy and pale as ever as the photo shows.

Maybe he is trying to show the movie producers that he is capable of not looking so lovable - but so is your local meth addict. I wonder if he is the type to sport tattoos? Next we'll be hearing about him giving away free tattoo designs or some other "gimmic" to try and rid himself of the Harry Potter typecasting. Remember his nude stint in the stage show Equis?

Here is some tips for Daniel. Get rid of that hair style and quit dressing like a school boy. Maybe then he will get some challenging movie roles.

Roseanne Barr's blog

Did you know that Roseanne Barr has a blog? Yes she does and she just about hits anyone and everything in Hollywood. Her latest hits are Brad and Angie, calling their little trips to help those less fortunate a way to appease their own guilt from earning outrageous amounts at the box office showing people killing each other.

I think I like Roseanne now.

Olympic fever hits the pocketbook

Ok, so we now have a new hero or should I say a group of heroes, the Olympic athletes. Michael Phelps now has sponsers up the ying yang and you can even get his photo on a visa gift card. Pictured here:

Has this Olympic fever gotten out of hand? Personally I would love the equestrian sports. I thought that this picture of one of the riders and his horse during the jump offs for the individual medal round would certainly get some conversations going at the stores where I shop.

I wonder what kind of other Olympic photos they will have on the Visa Gift Cards?

Harry Potter movie delayed

The next Harry Potter movie was due to be released this coming September. The studio announced a few days ago that the movie will now be released in July 2009. They confirmed that everything was running on schedule. No word yet why the 9 month delay.

Judging unfair at the Olympics

After a week of unusual discrepancies with judging at the 2008 Olympic games there is finally a media outcry. Several news agencies are now featuring full blown investigations into the highly biased judging that has been going on. The most evident is during the gymnastic events where several of the China gymnasts have made horrendous mistakes in their routines and have ended up receiving medals for their efforts.

We can only hope that during the next Olympics China will be not paying off the judges.

Laurence Fishburne to join CSI TV show

As you are probably aware by now, William Petersen has decided to leave CSI as the head of the CSI crew. He will be staying on as a producer and other behind the scenes activities. The question has come up as to who will be replacing him - the answer is Laurence Fishburne of the Matrix series of movies.

The producers have been very hush-hush on the next season's plots. There is talk of Sara (Grissom's) girlfriend coming back for an episode or two. Petersen's last episode has yet to be announced but it will be toward the end of this coming season.

The cast of the TV show "Dallas" will be reunited

There are plans for a 30th year anniversary party at the South Fork Ranch in Texas for the cast and crew of the Dallas TV series. Larry Hagman now 78 years old plans to attend. I remember at one time he was reported by the National Enquirer to be dying of terminal cancer, I guess that didn't happen. I dug up a photo of what he looks like now - a far cry from his days on the Dallas show.

A good old fashion western movie, Appaloosa

Appaloosa will be in theaters in September 2008. Starring Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris in this R rated, rough movie. Lots of gun play and it looks like Viggo and Ed make a great team on the screen. You can watch a trailer and find out more about the movie on the movie's website at:


Toby Keith in a new movie

Toby Keith has written and is staring in his own move called "Beer for my Horses", after the song that he and Willie Nelson sang. The movie was released to a very limited number of theaters on August 8, 2008. Here is the link to watch movie trailers and videos from the movie.

Beer for my Horses videos

First doping failure at the Olympics

Spanish cyclist fails drug test. Maria Isobel Moreno became the first athlete to fail a drug test at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, video below.

I can hold my tongue no more - the Olympic coverage is rotten

One of my most favorite events to watch in the Olympics is the equestrian events. After all what women can resist a horse? We all wanted a pony as a child so it is only natural to watch horse events. That being said I am an avid horse sports enthusiast. I tend to know most of the rules about the different horse sports. Well I can't seem to find the equestrian events on TV so I went to watch the streaming video on the NBC website. What I saw was the most awful filming of an equestrian event ever! The event that I was watching was the dressage test. The camera kept zooming in on the face of the rider. The rider's face is not what the judges are looking at, it is the horse's movements. Then the horse went into a side pass and the camera cut away to another camera that showed the horse from the side so I could not see the side pass anymore. Will someone please tell NBC to get someone that knows the events to be filming them? If I watch much more of this I will end up pulling my hair out.

The Olympic opening ceremony - BORING

I just finished watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and I was very disappointed. It was in one word - BORING. Yes is was spectacular but very uninteresting. The acoustics were the worst I have heard in a long time. Their sound system made my ears hurt. The American media pumped the spectacle up for the last few days and now I know why, for the ratings. I sure do hope that the coverage of the Olympic events is better than their coverage of the first night. Gawd is was awful. I know I can't be the only person in the world who feels this way. I am sorry to say it was a big let down.

Jewel "Ty's" the knot with - Ty!

Jewel and her long time lover Ty have if you'll excuse the pun "tied the knot". Jewel and Ty share their love of horses and you can see photos of her and her horse at Celebrities - People and their horses

John McCain a computer ignoramus

McCain is an ignoramus when it comes to computers. The man was amazed when his wife bought movie tickets online, that is something I had been doing for several years now. Is this the man that wants to claim the White House for his home for the next 4 years? How comfortable does he think that people will be when they realize that he rarely even comes near a computer. The people in vast corporate America largely rely on computer technology for everyday business activities. I think that at the very minimum we can expect from our next president is that the person at least know his way around the office and it's equipment. Next we'll be hearing that he doesn't know how to set up voice mail.

Morgan Freeman - DIVORCE

Just because of his recent car accident, Morgan Freeman was thrown into the spotlight again. It seems that someone did a little digging around and found out that the actor is getting a divorce. Of course this is not new news but has been going on for over 9 months now.

Morgan was in the car accident with a female "friend". Isn't it strange how we know nothing about his friend's medical condition after the accident but we tend to get hourly up dates on him. I guess it does not pay to be in the shadow of a superstar. Poor gal, I wish her well, since nobody else seems to.

Paris Hilton for President?

Paris maybe just a wealthy celebrity but when she was mocked in the recent John McCain political campaign ad she had a comeback - her own ad! Here it is below when it appeared on the CBS morning show.

Bernie Mac hospitalized

Bernie Mac is in a Chicago hospital with pneumonia. The 50 year old actor is reported to be responding to treatment and should be released soon.

Morgan Freeman in car accident

Morgan Freeman is listed in serious condition following a car accident Sunday night (August 3, 2008). The accident took place 100 south of Memphis. The car he was driving reportedly flipped several times on a rural road. There were bystanders trying to take pictures of him while the emergency crews were cutting him out of the wreckage with the jaws of life. He was alert and calling out to them to stop taking the photos.

Morgan recently came into the limelight with his role as the gadget inventor for Bruce Wayne in this summer's blockbuster hit "The Dark Knight".

Here at The Gossip Hound wish him a quick recovery.

Big Brown, the racehorse to run again

Big Brown the Thoroughbred racehorse that broke down in the Belmont Stakes earlier this year will be on the track again in the Haskell Invitational in New Jersey this Sunday. If he wins the money will go to a organization called ReRun, a non-profit dedicated in finding homes for ex-racehorses.

First off I have a few things to say about all of this. Hasn't that poor horse earned enough money and hurt enough to deserve a retirement? Why drag out a crippled horse with under 2 months of rehab to race for another prize that his owners or trainer doesn't need? As to the ReRun organization, it sounds good but when you think about it shouldn't the people that breed and race these horses be held responsible for their careers after they are done racing? After all they brought them into this world. Do they expect other people to take care of the horse when it has broken down at the track or just not fast enough? Why should these irresponsible people be allowed to dump their rejected racehorses on the rest of the animal loving society? Maybe they should do what us pets owners have been told to do for years now "spay or neuter your pet". How many racehorses have to be produced to get one that wins? I bet 100's or thousands.

I am not anti horse racing but I am anti animal abuse.

Momma Mia, a woman's movie?

I have not heard any good things from this movie yet. All the reviews I have personally heard from friends and family were "I got dragged out to see it by the wife". None of my male friends or relatives have liked it one bit. The movie has the appeal only to the 40+ crowd of women that remember fondly of their younger days when ABBA were tops on the music charts.

Here is a tip for all you women out there - don't drag any male movie goers with you on this movie. Enjoy it for the music and let the rest be just like a long winded video. Men, if you don't like ABBA stay away from the movie. On the other hand if you are a single male you might want to go just to meet a women that is going to see the movie on her own. You had better like ABBA or else she will see through you like glass.

I'd like to classify this movie under "it will be on DVD in under 3 months".

J.K Rowling just can't leave the Potter tales alone

J.K Rowling is at it again. After publicly announcing that she has finished writing about Harry and Hogwarts she is publishing another wizardry book. This one is to raise $8 million dollars for a children's charity. Titled "The Tales of Beedle the Bard", it is a collection of 5 stories narrated by Albus Dumbledore.

In this book she will include her own illustrations. It is scheduled to be released in December 2008. She had mentioned that this book is her goodbye to the Harry potter series. I would just like to know how many times does this woman have to say goodbye? Why doesn't she just admit that she will not stop writing about Harry Potter and his world. No one will blame her for making more money off of a good thing.

November 21, 2008 is to be the release date of the Next Harry Potter movie

Are you ready for the Half-Blood Prince the next movie to come out in the Harry Potter series? If not you will be. The release date is scheduled the week before the Thanksgiving weekend. I guess the movie studios are hoping for all the kids to see it during their days off.

Here is a movie trailer of it to wet your senses.

More filming of the Dark Knight

Here is footage (video below) of a former candy factory being blown up for the movie The Dark Knight. Spectacular fiery explosion.

Behind the scenes of Dark Knight

Here is a look (video below) at the making of the stunts for the movie The Dark Knight.

Estelle Getty has passed away

One of the famous "Golden Girls", Estelle Getty died this morning at 5:55am just 3 days short of her 85th birthday. She was surrounded by family and will be missed by them and all her fans world wide.

Estelle played Sophie the wise cracking mother of Bea Arthur in the TV show, The Golden Girls.

Jay Leno laid off?

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno will be no more. It seems that NBC moved it's studio that the Tonight Show was filmed and they have decided to not continue with it. NBC will be letting everyone go that had anything to do with the Tonight Show. Jay Leno is looking for work.

I have got to go and see The Dark Knight

I am disappointed that my daughter went to see The Dark Knight before I got a chance to go and see it. I was planning to see it this past weekend. This week will have to do. My daughter has told me enough just to make me want to see it more. She has told me that she wants to see it again.

The part I am interested in is where he explains why he wears a "smile". My daughter explains that it sent shivers up her spine. I asked her if Heath deserves an Oscar for his role and she said she would be surprised if he didn't get it.

Interviews with the cast and director of Hell Boy 2

Hell Boy 2 is a hit. Everyone I know wants to see it. Here is a video of clips from the film as well as interviews with the main stars and the director. I always get a kick out of seeing Ron without the makeup.

Interview with the director of Dark Knight

Dark Knight is released at midnight tonight around the country. Below is a video interview with the director of Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan.

William Petersen is quiting CSI

Bill has dropped a bomb shell when he announced that he will be leaving the long time TV show CSI after next season. He will remain as executive producer but will no longer appear as a regular cast member. There is talk that he will make guest appearances but that is it for now. His position as head of the CSI unit will have a new cast member take it's place. The actor or actress has not been cast yet. The date of Bill's last episode has not been announced but it will be sometime in 2009.

Joile twins are doing fine

Angie had twins if you hadn't heard by now. A boy and a girl. I could not believe the headlines this morning when it stated "Grandfather of twins is thrilled". Now I ask you what Grandfather wouldn't be thrilled for his very famous daughter? Now if the headlines read "Grandfather is upset with the birth of his grandchildren", now that would make news.

By the way Jon Voight is Angelina Jolie's dad and her mom is Marcheline Bertrand.

The twins names are Knox Léon Jolie-Pitt for the boy and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt for the girl. I can only ask - was Angie looking at a box of Jello when she decided on her son's name?

Wallace and Grommet and the Kung-Fu chickens

The creators of Wallace and Grommet have a new series of animated creatures. This time it is Kung-Fu chickens. The series is scheduled to be released in Britain in September 2008. The series is having great success in the USA on the Cartoon Network since March 2008. More about Britain's reaction to the show is here.

Wargames is returning to a theater near you

You remember the old 1980's move "Wargames" with Matthew Brodrick? Well it is being released back in the theater for one special night only. It has been 25 years since this movie was originally released and to celebrate it's 25 year anniversary it be in select theaters on July 24th, 2008. So why the big to do about it? Here is the scoop, it is to introduce the sequel: Wargames, the Dead Code.

If computers and programing are your thing then WarGames is sure to bring back some memories. At the time I remember that many of the programing "secrets" that were displayed in the movie were factual and were at first thought to be made up for the movie.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth - video clip

The remakes are loose again. This time it is the remake of the old movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The orignal movie was about a scienticfic exploration on the planet's inner world's. This time around it is a family that gets to explore the underworld. The latest movie will drag out the old 3D but with a bit better technology backing it up. You can see more of it in the video news item below.

Ron Perlman as Hellboy

Hellboy is in theaters this month and if you ever wondered what the man behind the makeup looks like, his photo is above. It's 58 year old Ron Perlman who also confesses that he feels more comfortable acting behind a mask rather than being bare faced.

Happy Birthday Ringo

Ringo Starr celebrated his 68th birthday yesterday in Chicago with cupcakes for the birthday cake. He is 68, that means I am getting old faster than I thought!

The wacky names that stars give their kids

Have you ever wondered why so many celebrities tend to give their children wacky, far out names? I wonder why too. Take for example Chris Martin named his daughter Apple and Sage Moonblood is Sylvester Stallone's child.

I have got to wonder what these half baked idiots were thinking when they named their kids. Maybe they were taking drugs again or have been listening to that old Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue". What ever the reason I am sure that when that child comes of age they will be changing their names - just like their parents did to get into show biz.

Superman artist - dead at 37

Micheal Turner drew the covers of Superman and Batman comics and others since 1994. His work as a comic artist was in great demand. He co-wrote Witchblade a comic with a female hero and founded Aspen MLT, a pubishing company.

He died on June 27th of complications due to cancer. He had been battling bone cancer for years. He was only 37 years old.

Jolie confined to hospital room

A hospital in France will be the birth place of Brad's and Angie's twins. Video below.

Madonna's affair?

Here is the latest news story on the Madonna fling.

Why Madonna prefers to live in England

Why does this American superstar prefer to reside in England? Surely it is not because of the higher income taxes that England has? Nope that is not it. It is the paparazzi or lack of should I say. After becoming a mom she wants to protect her children from the onslaught of photographers that follow her everywhere. Madonna likes the fact that in England it is illegal to photograph children without their parents permission. It looks like the media in the good ole' USA has chased her and her family away.

She still has an apartment in Manhattan but she is not there very often. There was a rumor of her being seen with a man friend in Manhattan but that could mean anything.

Heath Ledger's Dark Knight

(photo of Heath in the movie First Knight)

Why is it that whenever a movie star dies and they have just completed a movie, that movie is touted to be the best performance that star has ever done? Case in point is James Dean and now Heath Ledger. Both actors had not stared in very many movies but both were stars on their way up the ladder. Heath's movie Dark Knight will be released on July 18th but has already been seen in special previews across the country. The critics are saying that Dark Knight is Health's best work ever.

Should I say it now? I do think that there will be a fascination with Heath Ledger much like the fascination of James Dean. Heath might just become one of those pop icons like Monroe and Dean.

Bon Jovi to put on a free concert

Are you looking for some free entertainment this summer? Bon Jovi will be in Central Park in New York City for a free concert on July 12th, 2008. For more news about Bon Jovi go to their website.

Behind the scenes of Wall-E

Take a video look at Wall-E, behind the scenes.

Madonna and hubby to call it quits?

News of a divorce between Madonna and hubby Richie and been on going since the couple got married. In fact rumors of a divorce have been circulating since 2006. Madonna had been loving the married life and enjoying being a mom. She has even written several children's books. Their secluded estate in England has given rise to the many rumors of divorce since the paparazzi has to make up something since they can't get close to her.

The latest gossip about the divorce has Madonna retaining a high profile divorce lawyer.

Ann Hathaway hangs with con artists

Hathaway's ex-boyfriend is accused of representing the Vatican to con people out of money! Where do these people come from? Out of the woodwork?

Vanessa Hudgen's new vid Sneakernight

Here is Vanessa's newest video Sneakernight - enjoy

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Trailer

Here is the theatrical trailer for the next Mummy movie. Enjoy!

Ellen DeGeneres wins 4th straight Emmy for talk show

It looks like people just can't get enough of Ellen. Her talk show has won "Best Daytime talk show host " for 4 years in a row. The Emmy was presented to her during the 35th annual Daytime Emmy award show last Friday night (June 20th, 2008)

Mary Jo Buttafuoco, what is she doing now?

Remember the woman who got shot by her husband's girlfriend 16 years ago? At the time she stood by her husband and then later divorced him. Here is a video up date on what she is up to nowadays.

Remembering George Carlin

George passed away on Sunday at the age of 71. He gave us such treasures as the 7 words you couldn't say on broadcast TV or radio. Below is a video tribute to the funny man.

Dick Cavett, is he still around?

I just read a quick blurp on Dick Cavett the old time talk show host and comedian. It said how the man had been fighting depression for years. I didn't even know the man was still alive much less 71 years old! He was one of those talk show hosts that mostly brought on the big name politicians of yesteryear much like the Barbra Wa-Wa of his day with a touch of humor. I remember him from my childhood. The top picture is how I remember him and the bottom picture is how he looks today.

Cyd Charisse dead at 86

That long legged dancer that hailed from Texas has passed away. The cause is reported to be a heart attack.

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols still very vocal

I didn't even know that Johnny Rotten was still around much less doing interviews.

Star Trek's Sulu to wed

George Takei will wed his long time partner Brad Altman in California. It is reported that over 200 guests have been invited and William Shatner is not one of them.

Tiger Woods admits to taking drugs during US Open

Tiger Woods recently underwent knee surgery. His doctors had warned him not to play golf until he has recovered. What does this greedy golfer do? He plays in the US Open. It was evident that he was in pain during the round on Father's Day 2008. He admitted in a news conference after the playing for the day that he was in pain and took "something" for it. Drug testing for golf pros was questioned in Golf World's magazine in January 2008. The major concern at that time was the use of recreational drugs.

Now for my input on the subject: Why aren't golf pros tested for drugs use in competition like other sports? I am talking about drugs to kill pain as well as steroid use. Athletes not in pain will perform better than athletes in pain. Painkillers should be a no - no in sports.

So the question is "what did Tiger take?"

Where is Hilary Clinton?

After bowing out of the Democratic race for the White House, she cannot be found. Aids close to her say she is spending some much needed down time with family. As a side note: I guess the "good o'le boys" won the race. Did you ever notice how Barrack was always referred to as Senator while Hilary (sorry I have to use her first name because of possible confusion with Bill) was the "former first lady"? I noticed that little gem while listening to male verses female reporters. There was definitely some biased reporting going on with the male/female angle.

Tim Russert, dead at 58

The Google search engines lit up like a Christmas tree for searches on the "Meet the Press" anchor, Tim Russert. Tim had a fatal heart attack while at the NBC studios preparing for a Meet the Press show. He was 58 years old.

High tech gossip

You remember those TV commercials about lifelock, where the head of the company puts his social security number on a big truck and has it drive all over a big city? The company claims to protect you against identity theft. Well I guess the big credit issuing bureaus didn't like that so one of them. Experian has filed a lawsuit. Experian alleges and I quote "credit laws do not provide for a third party to place fraud alerts on behalf of a consumer.” CNN Money has a video on the lawsuit with the CEO of Lifelock.

It looks like this little lawsuit could get messy and us consumers will be the ones to either win or lose depending on the out come.

Vinyl records are making a comeback

A large store chain on the west coast of the USA named Fred Meyer, accidentally placed an order for vinyl LP's instead of CD's. Most of the individual stores, located in Washington, Oregon and Alaska sent them back. A handful of the stores put them on display and many sold them out within hours. The incident has now caused a stir at the retail level and Fred Meyer plans on opening up a vinyl LP section in their stores in July 2008.

An unauthorized biography about Madonna

Madonna's unauthorized biography will be released in mid July 2008. Who is the author? Why it is Madonna's own brother, Christopher Ciccone. He was very close with his 50 year old sister at one time but now they have grown apart. Madonna has stated she has not authorized any biography by him or anyone else. I wonder what kind of juicy gossip will be in between the covers.

Yet another celebrity reality show

Don't we have enough of these reality shows with celebrities yet? First there was the Osbournes, then came the rocker from KISS. I think even Danny Bonaduce had one. Now the next group will be Jennifer Lopez and Pamela Anderson. Now if it wasn't Jennifer Lopez but George Lopez they might have something.

If the TV cable networks insist on doing those types of shows, here is who I would like to see:
  • Micheal Jackson and his daily battles with the finance companies and meeting with his lawyers
  • Martha Stewart and her hectic lifestyle while trying to prove to the world that simplier is better
  • Bill Gates, just to see his lavish lifestyle

Big Brown, hurting?

The racehorse Big Brown lost the last leg of the Triple Crown in a big way, he came in last. This big hearted Thoroughbred had to have something very wrong with him for such a sad performance. There have been pictures circulating all over the internet of his hooves and how bad they were. Many horse savvy people were surprised that he even won the first 2 races of the Triple Crown with those hooves. His hooves were reported to be held to together with supper glue and filler, much like the filler used for woman's fake finger nails. The old saying "no hoof, no horse" is very true. If his hooves were as bad as they say they were then that poor animal was in a great deal of pain. No wonder he didn't want to run, would you if your feet hurt to walk on them?

Paul Newman, 83, wants to drive his race car again

This guy doesn't know when to quit taking risks. At 83 years old he wants to race again. There are also rumors flying about him having cancer. Pictures of him, taken since May 2008, show a frail and very thin man. Realistically, what do people expect an 83 year old man to look like? Fat and sassy? The only thing close friends and his agent will say is that "he is doing well". He and his wife Joanne Woodward are still married and live in Westport.

Free summer concerts from Radio Disney

If you happen to be close to New Jersey this July 2008, you might want to catch one of the free concerts brought to you by Disney. There will be 3 free concerts featuring new stars from Radio Disney. The concerts will be at a well known new jersey water park known as Morey's Piers.

This has go to be one of the top things to do in New Jersey this summer. You won't want to miss taking your teen to see their favorite Disney singer - for free! The free concerts are on Mondays only. here are the dates: July 7, 14 and the 21st. Concert times are at 1pm and 4pm each day and will take place at the Radio Disney stage next to the Giant Ferris Wheel on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing pier.

Jordan Pruitt will be performing on July 14, and Savvy and Mandy on July 21st.

Now get set for the big announcement, after those free concerts there will be a big finale concert on July 26th with Raven! Now that concert you have to pay for but the tickets will be on sale through Ticketmaster. Raven-Symone concerts always sell out so you had better purchase tickets early. In fact last time Raven was even close to where I live for a concert those tickets sold out within hours of their release. Of course concert tickets are not cheap but with the purchase of those tickets you also get $10 off the price of the tickets to the water park.

Raven has lost lots of weight. She is no longer the rolly-polly actress/singer that we knew for the past few years. She looks great.

Person killed during movie shoot

A stuntman was killed during the filming of John Woo's latest film, "Red Cliff". Filming is in China and 2 boats collided during an action/chase scene. The 2 boats then went up in flames, killing one of the stunt men. John Woo is reported to be on a deadline with orders from China's government to get the movie released before the opening of the Olympics in Beijing in August 2008. "Red Cliff" is suppose to showcase the history of China.

George Jones guitar to be returned

The country singing legend, George Jones, had one of his first guitars stolen way back in 1962. That's nearly 50 years ago! What what is so special about that? The guitar will be returned to him in an upcoming concert. The man who had it in his possession all those years was trying to return it to Jones after buying it from 2 kids on the street. The man has been writing letters and making phone calls to try and contact Jones for nearly 50 years and could not get a hold of him. He finally got through to Jones via a radio broadcast host in February 2008.

Star Trek music creator dies

The man who gave us the theme music for the Star Trek series has died. Alexander "Sandy" Courage passed away at the age of 88 from a long illness.

Bo Diddley - RIP (the NIKE commercial)

Bo Diddley - RIP

The blues guitarist, Bo Diddley has died at the age of 79. The cause was heart failure. A well known musician he also appeared in a NIKE commercial.

Hot movie gossip

I just heard from a friend that works in the movie industry the latest gossip about movies might be in the works. Here is a quick run down:
  • Disney has given the green light to the 4th Pirates movie. This one will not have Will or Elizabeth but only have the farther adventures of Jack. It is rumored to be about the fountain of youth.
  • 2 horror movies will have remakes: Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. Both are slated for 2010 and 2012 release dates.

Is Bill Murray abusive?

Bill Murray's wife of 11 years is filing for divorce from the actor citing abuse and alleging that it is his addiction to drugs and alcohol that has ruined their marriage. Jennifer Murray and Bill have 4 children.

It was reported that Bill would often leave without warning and go on sex and drug binges. The abuse charge stems from an incident last November when Bill hit Jeniffer in the face.

CSI's actor, Gary Dourdan, no jail time

Gary was charged with drug possession in April and the judge has ruled that he serve community service instead of jail time. Gary plays "Warrick Brown" on CSI. His character was shot during the final episode of season 8 of the show. It is unknown if his character is gone from the show or not.

Laugh-in's co-host dies

Dick Martin, one of the co-hosts of the famous Laugh In TV show has died this past weekend. He was 86 years old. I can't believe that Laugh In was broadcast back in the late 1960's. It was the start of many careers such as Goldie Hawn. I was an avid fan of the show when I was a kid.

Martin had been living with one lung since he was a teenager. He developed a respiratory illness in his later years. He passed away as a result on May 24th, 2008.

Dick's partner on the Laugh In show was Dan Rowan, Dan passed away in 1987. After Laugh In, Dick started a career in directing and was one of the busiest directors in Hollywood. Mostly limited to TV sitcoms his talent as a director was in high demand.

Mutt Lange in bed with the secretary!

That is the latest word on the Shania Twain and Lange split - that Lange was having an affair with the couples secretary. The alleged secretary has left her husband and both she and Lange are reported to be shacked up somewhere. The name of the home breaker is Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Shania is devastated about the break up.

Fox network's Wildfire canceled

The horsey soap opera, Wildfire, has been canceled by the Fox Family Channel. Many horse savvy viewers are applauding the decision since the horsemanship displayed on the show was terrible. It was a night time soap opera with horse's in the background, stated one horse owner on the BAEN message board.

Ted Kennedy has brain cancer

The doctors have found a brain tumor in Ted Kennedy. No word yet on the prognosis for his future treatments. The tumor is cancerous.

Shania Twain and Robert Lang splitting up

Shania and her producer husband Robert Lang have decided to call it quits after 14 years of marriage. They have a 6 year old son, Eja.

James Garner to be released from hospital soon

The 80 year old actor, James Garner, suffered from a stroke last week and has been hospitalized for it. He is reported to be doing well enough to be released in the next few days.

Pushing Daisies will return this fall TV season

The writers strike took it's toll on many TV shows this year. Some of them have disappeared into the woodwork. ABC announced today that the off beat TV series "Pushing Daisies" will return this fall (2008) to continue with the weirdest comedy I have seen in years.

Death Note - the movie

If you are a follower of anime then you will be thrilled to know that Death Note the movie will be coming out to a local theater near you. Death Note is one of the darker and more violent anime story lines out there. I know a lot about the story since my teenager is fully immersed in it. I have not seen any of the trailers or previews of it yet but I am sure that my teenage daughter will be filling me in on the facts pretty soon. I am hoping that the movie rating will allow her to go an see the movie without me having to take her. I think this is the kind of movie she would like to see with her friends and not her mother.

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Farina arrested on gun possession charges and other Hollywood news

Here is the latest on Dennis Farina (formerly of Law and Order) and his tangle with the law.

Get Smart, the movie

Are you old enough to remember the TV series "Get Smart" with Don Adams? If you are, get ready for the movie version. Younger readers will get a kick out of the comedy spy spoof but I wonder if those of us that remember the old series with be constantly comparing the two. Here is a link to the movie website and I have posted the movie trailer for your entertainment.

New movie this weekend - Frontier

The latest entry into the early summer movie season is "Frontier". Advertised as a horror movie, Frontier(s) has lots of blood and plenty of it. The movies' website has plenty of gory film clips for you to aimlessly wander through. It is the typical slasher movie. Rated NC-17 it for violence and gore the producers refused to cut out scenes to get the lower "R" rating. So for violence and being extremely graphic this movie is almost rated "X". The website has a Trailer for people to watch. I personally would block the site if children have access to the internet.

I am going to stick my neck out here and wonder why such a movie needs to be made? I guess some - not all movie goers are getting a high off of extreme violence. This type of movie goes hand in hand with the graphic violence based "adult" rated video games now being sold. I know of several young people that would really enjoy this movie but they are all under 17 and their lives revolve around video games and gangster rock. I am sure that none of them will be allowed to go see the movie. That of course will not stop them from getting it on DVD.

This is the type of movie that a man might take a date to, why? If you are unaware of how a man thinks, let me enlighten you. Men use these types of scary movies to get their "frightened" date to hug or cling to them. It makes them feel macho and they get the girl to crawl all over them for comfort. So if you are female and horror movies are not your style, now you know why the men in your life want to take you to a horror movie (or watch it on DVD). They don't care about the movie, they just want your reaction.

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Eddie Arnold dies

The country singing legend, Eddie Arnold has passed away. He was 89 years old. He became a member of the Country Music Hall of fame in 1966. Some of his well known songs are:
  • Tennessee Stud - 1959
  • Make the World Go Away - 1965
  • Then you can tell me Goodbye - 1968
He was one of Country Music's wealthiest singers. He leaves an estate worth around $40 million.

Barbara Walters admits to affair

It would have been such a scandal back in the 1970's - a famous black politician and a white TV anchor woman having a love affair. He was married at the time, she was not. Nowadays it is merely just another story, but not a scandal anymore. I think if the story broke back in the 1970's it would have been more based on race rather than politics. The video news is below.

Miley Cyrus - the next Playmate of the year

"15 year old Miley Cyrus is trying to be a Playboy magazine centerfold"

The words above are not mine but the collective voice of my 14 year old daughter's friends and classmates. It was not until they saw the photos and video footage on the nightly news that they felt were disgusting. It is not just the teenagers but our society that is also twisted when it comes to flaunting teenage seduction. Miley was shown snuggling up to her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, in a seductive manner that also made me puke. My own daughter said she would never pose with her dad in such a way. I also had to remind her that these people were celebrities and that much of what they do is strictly for publicity.

These photos come in at a bad time in my opinion. Fresh in the news still is the Texas raid on the FDLS ranch in which charges of under age sex are flying around. Public opinion on teenage sex and seduction has been in the media since Dateline first did it's Predator series on internet perverts.

One last thought - why is it that almost all the girls that were Disney stars in the last 15 or so years turn out so promiscuous?

Miley Cyrus - in the news again

Miley has found herself again back in the spotlight. She is reportedly embarrassed by photos of her that appeared in Vanity Fair. Video news report below:

Wesley Snipes might be spending some time behind bars

The bars I am referring to are not the drinking kind but the steel ones. It seems that Mr Snipes does not believe in paying his taxes. He has not filed a tax return for the last 5 years and my guess is that he is still a resident of the USA. He claims that his tax advisor's have mislead him to believe that paying federal taxes was a voluntary thing. Come on Wesley, you may have fooled a few people but tangle with the IRS and that is another story. Keep in mind that many of the famous gangsters of the 1930's and 1940's were not thrown in jail for their crimes but for tax evasion.

Hannah Montana in a nutshell

Have you been curious as to why Hannah Montana is so popular with the pre-teen crowd? Most people older then 17 are since she does not typically appeal to the grown ups. I have found a video aptly titled "Hannah Montana - the parents guide"

Moonlight to return

The vampire TV show Moonlight will be returning to CBS on April 25, 2008. Great news if you are a fan and was worried about the show being dropped to due to writers strike. CBS also has made all past episodes available on it's website for viewing. I guess that is one way to drum up extra fans and get them caught up in the story line before the new episodes return to the airwaves.

Ice, ice, baby

Vanilla Ice was arrested then released on Thursday (April 10, 2008) for assaulting his wife. The 39 year old got into an argument over a bedroom set with his wife and she reported that he pushed her. She called 911.

Bond, James Bond

The next James Bond movie is set to be released on November 7. 2008. Daniel Craig will repeat his role of 007 in the movie titled "Quantum of Solace". This will be the 24th James Bond movie since Sean Connery as 007 started the epic movie series. Olga Kurylenko will be the Bond "girl".

Charlton Heston dead at 84

The silver screen legend, Charlton Heston passed away today. He was 84 years old.

Leona Lewis is still on top

Leona's latest "Bleeding Love" is still top of the charts in both the UK and and the USA. Keep up the good work girl. A bit a trivia about Leona: she has been a vegetarian since she was 12 years old.

American Idol

Are you curious as to what former American Idol contestants are up to now? Here is the round up of what they are doing.

Ready for some free movies

On my travels thru cyberspace I came across a blog that is not only fascinating but it also has links to free movies you can download. The latest one on the blog is a movie about prehistoric times called "10,000 BC". Visit the Blogsters Guild blog.

New Star Wars movie to come out this year

George Lucas is at it again. This time it is a computer generated movie called Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The video below is a sneak preview.

Male swimmer cannot compete because of his gender

You are a male and you are not allowed in! I am not talking about a womens restroom but a swim team, the Olympic swim team. Discrimination in reverse. Watch the video for more info.

The Spitzer scandal continues

Now the call girl is getting all the fame and glory. Watch the video.

The Governor of New York got caught rolling in the hay

Governor Spitzer did a no-no, he visited a high priced call girl and got caught. I am not really concerned about the a-hole but I do wonder if his wife knew anything about it. I saw her on the news tonight and the look on her face said "I didn't know!"

Whoopi Goldberg talks about Swayze

Whoopi speaks about her friend Patrick Swayze.

Sad news for Patrick Swayze

Horrible news has come out today about silver screen idol Patrick Swayze, he has cancer. There have be conflicting reports of his treatment and severity of the disease. The National Enquirer said he had only weeks to live. MSNBC has a report that the cancer is very small and treatment is going well. Patrick is still working and has not slowed down one bit.

Because of the public heightened awareness of his health there have been enormous hits on websites that feature the actor. A friend of mine runs a small website that has celebrity horse owners. When she checked her stats on hits to her Patrick Swayze page - it was out of sight.

Here is her Patrick Swayze as a horse owner page. The page has lots of photos of Pat and his horse.

Anna Nicole Smith heir has been decided

Anna Nicole's daughter is now officially her heir. The 18 month old will have a trust fund set up for her. Her father and Anna's lawyer will be co-trustees.

Today's hot entertainment news

Hot off the presses. Today's latest news on video.

Boy George back in the news

Boy George, AKA George O'Dowd, appeared in London court today to enter a plea of not guilty to the charge of false imprisonment. Audun Carlsen, a Norwegian man, claims that George handcuffed him to a wall in the singer's apartment in April 2007.

March Madness

Basketball and March Madness, it's that time again. People take the basketball draft very seriously and I knew on guy that actually took his vacation time just to watch the draft on TV. Now there is a basketball fan! Have you ever wondered how team coaches find the younger players? I have. They can't possibly go to all the High School Basketball games in the country. I know they sometimes send scouts but there must be an easier way. There is a website that has rankings of the top young basketball players in the nation. This site has recently uploaded videos of high school games. You can rate the players and even drop them a line about a player you think should be on their site. This is a great method for coaches to showcase their players.

What I think is wonderful about this site is the fact that it gives young people a chance to become famous for their athletic talents. If you know a high school student that needs to be promoted and perhaps get a scholarship in the process then check out the website I have listed above.

Neverland Ranch to go to auction

Micheal Jackson's Neverland ranch will be going on the auction block unless he repays the $24M loan on it by March 19, 2008. Not only will the entire estate be on the auction block but all the furnishings and carnival rides too. I did not find out if the animals Micheal use to have are still at the ranch or not. Jackson no longer lives there but lives outside of the USA since the molestation scandal.

Stepping out on a limb

After visiting a few of the other celebrity "gossip" blogs and websites I have come to the conclusion that they must be catering to men. After all most of the photos are of scantly chad starlets and singers with their lungs hanging out of their dresses. I can certainly come across enough gossip without having to plaster half naked women all over the blog, that is degrading to the many women readers I have. Granted, in past posts (long past I might add) I did start putting up blog posts about celebrities falling out of their clothes. Then I started to find out from my visitor stats that my readers were not even looking at those types of posts. They were reading about a recently passed on actor or a famous sports hero. The other blog posts of half clad imps were just passed over.

Now I am confused. Why do women's gossip magazines have more photos of half naked women and very few pictures of the Hollywood hunks? Even Cosmopolitan magazine has a barely covered woman on their front covers every month. I know that some of the editors and publishers of these magazines are women so why are they catering to the men readers when they know that they don't buy women's magazines?

On that same note, are the blogs about gossip written by men? If they are then I wish they would be up front about it and quit trying to pretend they are women writing for a woman reader.

The Oscars were a big disappointment to the TV viewers

The count is in and the TV ratings for the Oscars on TV were the worse since 1974. I was not the only one that thought the show was lousy. Apparently so did much of the world.

Hollywood makeovers

Did you know that the month before the Oscars is the busiest month for Hollywood plastic surgeons? I didn't know that there were that many sagging parts in southern CA. I know that lots of starlets end up having a Boob Job but it seems that facial cosmetic surgery is becoming the more popular thing to have done. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that many of the bigger name actresses are now aging and they don't want to age gracefully. Now I wonder if the men will be getting on the band wagon for cosmetic surgery, don't laugh cuz I know several top salesmen that have had facial work done.

The boring show called the "Oscars"

Did you happen to catch the Academy Awards last night? If you did you were probably snoozing by the end of the show. Last night's Oscars has got to be the most boring awards show I have seen in quite awhile. Nothing and I mean nothing was worth talking about. Almost all the women wore the same style dress and most of them were basic black. The host was not funny and even insulting at some points - boring.

Music lovers - a freebie for you

Every once an awhile I come across a nice freebie for my readers. This is free ring tones. These are not the ordinary ring tones they are from top rock and country music artists. I guess they had finally figured out that almost all the teens have their own cell phones by now and need music to go with them.

There are 2 pages of the website that I found really good. One of them was the country music section with songs such as Wasted, Stupid Boy and Red Rag Top. The other page was the rock music section with literally tons of songs ranging from The Prentender by Foo Foo Fighters to Bon Jovi's It's My Life.

Finally a ring tone site with some decent music on it.

Oscar hopeful - an animation movie

Peter and the Wolf is an Oscar hopeful.

Behind the scenes at "Lost"

Want some juicy news about "Lost"? Here is Terry O'Quinn to let the cat out of the bag.

Have you ever wondered?

Songs come and go. Let's see where this one went -

A trip down memory lane

Over the next few days I will be taking you down memory lane with the big movie screen stars of the past 30 years. First up is Ali MacGraw. Her most memorable movie was Love Story, made in 1970. She was married to Robert Evans and Steve McQueen. She stared in The Getaway with McQueen and that is where she fell in love with him. Born in 1938 she is still alive and in 2006 was on Broadway. She has 2 homes, one in New Mexico and the other in LA.

Hollywood romance

When you think about Hollywood romances you normally think of the many divorces and breakups but you probably don't realize there are many long term loving Hollywood romances. Two of the main ones that come to mind is the marriage of Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland, the other one is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Goldie and Kurt have been romanticly involved with each other since 1983. They have both decided not to get married but have both remained loyal in their comitment to each other. You never hear of their relationship in the headlines unless it is a positive note. The Bronson, Ireland marriage lasted more than 20 years and ended with Jill's death in 1990. Charles Bronson later remarried and died in 2003 at the age of 81. I don't think that romance or commitment is dead in Hollywood - they just don't make the headlines. So next time you think of a romantic Hollywood couple they can be real and not just on the big screen.

The Rolling Stones new attitude - say no to drugs

The Stones have finally gotten to be the grandfatherly type. They are now advising younger rocker to say no to drugs. Interesting article - read on.....

Patrick Henry Hughes

Did you see last night’s Extreme Makeover – Home Edition? If you did you saw one of the most musical geniuses of our time. The young, 19 year old, Patrick Henry Hughes was an inspiration to us all. This young guy can not only play a mean instrument he composes music as well. His family was featured on Extreme Home Makeover to provide him with a home that was accessible for his wheelchair. When I saw Patrick’s own personal apartment within the home I was flabbergasted. His bathroom had everything he would need to take care of himself without bothering his parents to lift him out of his wheelchair. I don’t remember seeing any vertical wheelchair lifts in the home but there might have been one to get him into their car.

Hopefully one of the major recording studios will now sign him up for a contract, hint, hint. That man deserves it.

Celebrities and plastic surgery

The biggest stars in Hollywood as well as singers and those working behind the Hollywood film industry will be on hand come Oscar night. Many of them have had plastic surgery - it is par for the course in their careers. Above is a dramtic photo showing Tara Reid's before and after her breast implants. I wonder how many stars we will be seeing on Oscar night that will be very noticible as Tara is.

Celebrity plastic surgery has become almost a normal thing for them to do. I wonder how many of them have had a tummy tuck? I ask that because of the numberous times I have seen "after" photos of an actress just weeks after having a baby. As a woman I know that it is almost impossible to look that good so soon after giving birth, a month or 2 later maybe, but not just a few weeks. Exercise is not going to get that dramic a look in just a week or 2. Loose skin takes time to spring back from being stretched out for the last 4 months of the pregnancy. Now if you want a more in depth look at one of the top California plastic surgeons that was featured on many TV shows go to one of the many links I have put in this post. This is the same place that does many of the top stars in Hollywood and they are located on the very exculsive Rodeo Drive.

Indiana Jones movie

Are you as excited as me when you hear about the new Indiana Jones movie? I hope you are because here is a sneek peek at it. Filming has finished on it and editing and special effects are now being done. It is due to be released in May 2008.