The new TV season - fall 2008

Have you seen any of the new shows lately? Last night was the premiere of the new season for Heroes. The network put on a one hour count down to the series. Didn't they have anything better to put on? OK so I watched part of it, the premier show that is. I was intrigued enough to watch some of Heroes episode that followed. Can you say "cheap rip off of X-Men?" Now I know why I didn't bother watching Heroes when it first came out. If I want to watch X-Men type heroes, I'll watch X-Men not a cheap, filled with commercials, rip off like Heroes. Come on screenwriters when will you come up with an original idea other than follow a successful big screen movie?

Now I am waiting for the first episode of CSI to come on later in the week. It will be Gill's last season as head of CSI. I wonder if when he leaves they might find that most of the fan base might not continue watching the show. I personally like William Peterson's portrayal of Gill and I don't like the other CSI spin-offs because they lack the crew that appears in the Las Vegas CSI. We shall see.

I do miss the Bionic Woman that had is first season cut short because of the writers strike and never came back. Another show that almost had the same fate was Pushing Daisies but that show will be back on the air either this week or next.

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