Madonna still rides

You remember when Madonna got married to Richie? She moved to the UK and got involved in horseback riding. Of course when she fell from her horse 3 years ago it was big news. Her cell phone rang and the horse spooked. She suffered with a broken arm and broken ribs but she never lost her love of riding.

After her divorce from Richie she continues to ride and in fact will be competing at the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival (7 January-29 March) at Wellington, Florida with her trainer British eventer Daisy Trayford. Daisy has been training Madonna for the last 2 years now. Madonna at least got the good sense to get a competent horse trainer after her spill.

Now the question is will she find another man in her life that loves not only her but her horseback riding hobby? I don't think that she has to resort to an equestrian dating site like equestrian cupid . Yes there is a dating website just for horse owners to find each other. At least they have a FREE sign-up unlike those other dating sites.

I would love to see Madonna get hitched up with another horseback rider as a husband.

CSI actor attacked by knife welding mugger

Gerald McCullouch, the actor that plays Bobby Dawson on the hit TV show CSI, was attacked in New York City. He was riding the A train at 2am in the morning when the attack took place. The actor is an experienced boxer and fought with his attacker. The 39 year old attacker was arrested at the scene and charged.

The plot to extort John Travolta thickens

After John Travolta's son Jett died there has been an attempt to extort money from the Travolta family. So far a Senator, a minister of tourism and an ambulance driver have been mentioned in the conspiracy. The Senator has resigned her post, the minister is under investigation and the ambulance driver is still in custoday.

This little story is panning out to be stranger than one of Travolta's movies. I predict in a year or so this will be coming to a theater near you.

The robot from Lost in Space "dies"

The actor that was inside the robot on the TV series "Lost in Space" has died. Bob May died at the age of 69 on Sunday, Jan 18, 2009 of heart failure. He was in his twenties when he appeared as the robot in the series. He did not provide the voice of the robot, only the actions.

His acting career did not make him rich. He was living in a mobile home park last November when a wild fire destroyed his mobile home.

Pat Hingle dead at age 84

Pat Hingle, the well known character actor died on Saturday at the age of 84. He appeared in a multitude of movies, playing a "bad" guy, "good" guy and often an "inept" official.

Sam Shepherd busted for DUI

The actor was caught speeding in IL on Saturday and busted for drunk driving.