The famous 911 Charlie Sheen phone call

In case you missed it, here is that 911 phone call that Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke, made to report him and thus lead to his arrest.

Simon Crowell to quit Idol

American Idol gossip alert!! Simon Crowell is rumored to be calling it quits. The video below has other Hollywood gossip too. Steven Tyler at age 61 is back in drug rehab. At 61 years old you would think he knows better.

The life and times of Nicole Kidman

Are you just a tad curious about Nicole Kidman? She has appeared in all types fo rolls, from the evil stepmother to a women who murdered her family and did not know she was dead to the star in the remake of Bewitched. Married to 2 famous men she is now married to Keith Urban. Here is a short video on her life.

Verbal bloopers from the stars

Isn't it fun when the famous goof up on camera? Watch this video on "Celeb, says what?" to see the latest funny blurbs. Rosie O' Donnell and George Clooney are among the "victims."