The newest Star Trek movie

The next Star Trek movie is set to be released in December 2008 and already the internet search engines are lighting up. The movie's working title is just Star Trek XI for now. It is being filmed in Iceland and other locations. The movie is about the early years of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew. So far the only original member of the first Star Trek crew in the movie is Leonard Nimoy. The story goes that the older Spock must go back in time to correct or stop something from happening and meets his younger self. The movie is currently in filming.

WALL*E coming in June 2008

Ah, robot love. WALL*E is another offering from Pixar and Disney. This time WALL*E a robot that is on sanitation duty. He falls in love with a robot named EVE. Release date is June 27, 2008. More info and the movie trailer can be found here

Rambo 4, are we ready?

The 4th Rambo movie is in theaters today. Is the world ready for another Rambo movie? Most of the reviews so far have been negative because they have been comparing this Rambo movie with the last one, made over 20 years ago. Those poor critics don't realize that the great majority of the film goers have never heard of the first 3 Rambo movies since this movie caters to the late teens and early 20 year olds. It is violent but heck aren't all "war type" movies that way? I predict that it will be a mild success, after all wasn't all the Saw movies profitable?

Las Vegas, the show town

Glitter, wealth and fabulous hotels, all you need is some great entertainment to go with it and you have a great vacation. You also have the stuff gossip is made from. Aside from LA, Las Vegas is also a place to see your favorite celebrities when they are on vacation too. They flock to this mega desert city to have a bit of fun just like us. Spotted in Las Vegas recently were: Ashanti at the Pure Nightclub (the hottest nightclub in Vegas) and a birthday party is on tap for Tiffani Thiessen tomorrow night at the same place.

Of course there are always the regular stars that call Las Vegas home like Elton John. He has regularly performed at Caesars Palace since 2003. Celine Dion is also a regular at Caesars and along with Elton switch on and off their performances in the same Colosseum. You might even see a celebrity like Britney Spears (she was spotted there too) while taking one of those sightseeing tours.

Now who would you like to see in Vegas? If you are planning a trip there check out the website Trusted Tours and Attractions. While you are there you can sign up to win a handheld GPS.

Interview with Bill Shatner

Find out what William Shatner has to say about the new Star Trek movie.

Dress like a star

Celebrities can afford only the best clothes but they often chose to buy less expensive clothes for everyday wear and for casual gatherings. They are like us, we keep the best dresses and clothes for special occasions.

Heavenly Couture, located in Beverly Hills, California has the look that many celebrities want. Their prices on the other hand are the cheapest I have seen in ages for a store located there. Everything is priced under $17.95!!!! Looking through their online junior clothing section I know I have seen those fashions on some of the biggest named stars in Hollywood. They also have what I love, those long form fitting t-shirts. Forget the short baggy look for tees this is my place to shop. Take a look at the latest fashions that the stars are wearing then just take a look at what this place is offering.

John Gibson drags Heath Ledger's name though the mud

John Gibson is a jerk. The Fox News radio host made a mockery of Ledger's death calling him a weirdo. All of this stems from the fact that Health played a lead character in Broke Back Mountain, a tale of 2 homosexual cowboys falling in love. Never mind the fact that Health was not gay. I guess John Gibson cannot tell reality from fantasy if he doesn't know the difference between what goes on in real life verses the silver screen. It is also reported that the Westboro Baptist Church a "church" known for picketing gay funerals will be picketing Ledger's funeral. So far no word on funeral arrangements, but tentative plans are that it will be a private affair.

Mariel Hemingway

What has the actress Mariel been up to lately? Since we haven't seen much about her on the big screen we thought we would take a look. Her last movie was in 2006. She had been busy prior to that writing 2 books, Finding My Balance a memoir, including Yoga & Meditation Routines (2002) and Mariel Hemingway's Healthy Living from the Inside Out: Every Woman's Guide to Real Beauty, Renewed Energy, and a Radiant Life (2006). That last title was a mouth full. You would think that she could find a shorter title for her books. Her personal life has been turbulent with her husband battling cancer and promoting her books. She is rumoured to endorse a book called The Sedona Method which is about finding a happiness set point. It seems to be similar to Mariel's yoga practices. I visited her blog and website, yes she has both, but I could find no mention of Sedona. You would think that if she had endorsed a book that she would have at least put an ad on her blog or at least mentioned it somewhere. On the Sedona site they have a large excerpt from the book quoting Mariel, but no where does it state she endorses the method. I should hope it was an oversight on Mariel's part not to mention it somewhere. The Sedona website has a free DVD and CD offered so you can look into it yourself. Yes this post is sponsored by Sedona but I will always tell it like it is.

Lil Wayne arrested

The rap artist Lil Wayne has been arrested in Arizona on Federal drug charges. He is the finance' of Lauren London. No word on her reaction to the arrest.

Led Zeppelin back in the news

After their reunion concert in London last month, there have been rumors flying all over the place that they will be touring soon with Jason Bonham keeping his place as the drummer. They have publicly announced that they would love to do the occasional concert together but have tired of the touring scene. A really good article about the history of Led Zeppelin including some dirt on them can be found here.

Rally racing, Swedish style

The famous Dakar Rally is an off-road race that usually starts in France and ends up somewhere in Africa. Each year the race has a different destination and route. The cars and teams that compete go through everything from mud, rivers, sand dunes, rocks and regular dirt. In 2008 the race has been canceled due to fears of terrorist attacks. South America has stepped up to the plate and in 2009 the next Dakar Rally will be held there. Already the Swedish Rally team Tubus Racing plans on being there. This is only the second time a Swedish team has taken on the Dakar Rally. The Swedish team is led by driver Pelle Wallentheim with Olle Ohlsson on board as the navigator. Both of them have over 20 years of racing experience each. Pelle is a cancer survivor and will be using the Rally to raise awareness of cancer victims throughout the world.

2008 Olympics

This is the year for the Olympics. The Gossip Hound will be following many of the sports and the usual political gossip surrounding it. Stay tuned.

The PBR world finals in Las Vegas

World class bull riding is on tap in the annual Professional Bull Riders World Finals in Las Vegas. Our family are big rodeo fans and we have a few friends that compete in the bull riding events. Many of the top bull riders in the nation have a myspace page so you can always check out what they are up to. The world finals is at the end of every year and has been held in Las Vegas. This year it will start on October 31 and run until November 9, 2008. If you go to the PBR website you can find out the latest standings on your favorite bull rider and check out the injury list. They also have the listings of all the qualifying rodeos that the bull riders have to attend to qualify for the world finals.

If you plan on attending I warn you that tickets to the Pro Bull Riders World Finals sell out fast. Rodeo events are now one of the hottest growing spectator sports in the USA. I also like the fact that the event is in Las Vegas. If you take your family with you and they don't all like the bull riding event then there are lots of other things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling. I have never attended the PBR Finals. I have just been to a few of the qualifiers. One of these days I would love to go.

Stud muffin, Johnny Depp

Depp has got to be the hottest and sexiest actor in Hollywood right now. That man is so busy with his work schedule it makes you wonder how he finds time to be with Vanessa Paradis the French actress that is the mother of his 2 children. That man has no need for viagra. His sexual prowlness is said to be - well, you know. They are planning to get married this coming summer in a small chapel on their estate in the south of France. They have been together as a couple for eight years now.

His up-coming schedule is rumored to include a movie based on the old TV soap opera Dark Shadows. The 4th Pirate movie - Pirates of the Caribbean, Fountain of Youth is scheduled to be released in 2009.

Here is something you might not know about him, he has a heart - for animals. He adopted Goldeneye, the one-eyed Andalusian horse who played Ichabod Crane's steed in Sleepy Hollow. It was reported that the horse was headed to slaughter but I doubt someone would do that to an animal that had appeared in a movie since the outcry from animal lovers could boycott that movie in the future.

Suzanne Pleshette, 70, dies in LA

Suzanne Pleshette, best know for her role opposite Bob Newhart in the Bob Newhart show has died. She was scheduled to be honoured with a star on the "walk of fame" in a few days. A large birthday party had been planned for her on January 31, she would have been 71. She died of respiratory failure.
She was married to the comedian Tom Poston. Tom passed away in April 2007.
Films included

  • Hitchcock's "The Birds"

  • Disney comedies, The Ugly Dachshund, Blackbeard's Ghost and The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin.

  • Leona Helmsley, the Queen of Mean.

Plus a multitude of guest appearances on a wide variety of TV shows.

Moonlight, the new romantic horror series

Vampires and love, what more could you ask from a TV series? Based loosely on various Vampire movies of the past this one adds a touch more romantic story lines than those bloodsuckers of the past. This is a Vampire with scruples. Mick St. John is the head character the series revolves around. He doesn't want to be a Vampire and fights urges to even drink blood to stay "alive" (if indeed he is suppose to be alive). Mick is played by Alex O'Loughlin and pretty darn well I might add. Now you guys out there have probably realized by now that this is a TV series made for women. Sure they have some blood and gore added to the action but is the ongoing love triangle that is the base for this series holding itself together. As long as the writers can keep this love letter going on between Mick, his ex-wife and his blond love interest they will have a job for at least a few more years. I for one have not tired of watching the show yet. The writers have done a good job of introducing interesting twists and turns into the story lines. I wonder how long the show will last?

Shirley Jones to be a regular on Day of our Lives soap

The rumours are true, Shirley Jones will be a regular on Days of our Lives daytime soap. She will officially show up at the end of January. She will be playing the part of Colleen Brady complete with an Irish brogue!

Up date on Indo Rademacher

Here is what I found out about Indo Rademacher on General Hospital. HE WILL BE BACK. The part of Jax will be played by Gideon Emery for 3 episodes. He is scheduled to return next week. He needed some time off to due at "scheduling conflict". What is the betting is has to do more with the pregnancy of his girlfriend, you know medical appointments to see the ultra-sounds of his new child.

Britney Spears Obituary

The world must be getting pretty bizarre when Google starts reporting that the title of this blog post is one of the top 50 searches for today. It came about when the word leaked out that Associated Press had already begun drafting Britney's obituary last month. They of course could be right because of the suicide note found a few days ago. None the less AP started on this over a month ago, did they know something?

So you want to be a rock star

I imagine that there is a healthy amount of readers that have had fantasies of being a rock star. Some of you just want to be one for the fans and being famous. Others like the idea of the money. I hazard to say that about 50% of you just like the music and would love to be able to play like they do. I have found a website that shows you various music careers. The site has videos and famous musicians have tips for the "wanna bee". If you are looking seriously into careers in music then I suggest you check out the website.

After you have become a famous rock star don't forget to drop on back here and tell us all about how you made it BIG.

The fasinating world of the celebrity

I wonder why we like the gossip that surrounds celebrities. Is it morbid curiosity, envy or admiration? I have to admit, it is my curiosity that gets me wanting to know more about them. Just more trivia to fill the small area between my ears.

Oscar the infamous Angel of Death

Now here is something you don't hear everyday, a famous cat. Oscar is a cat that lives in a Rhode Island nursing care home. What makes the cat so famous you ask? Well this cat seems to be kinda special. He knows when someone is going to die. He is 2 years old and has been at the facility since he was a kitten. He is not normally considered to be a friendly cat but will "sit" with a patient that he has sensed will be dead in less than 4 hours. His predictions have been accurate for the past 25 cases and it has been documented in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The medical community has been trying to decide how Oscar knows when the time has come. Some speculate that he can smell the body when it starts to shut down. So far his predictions of when a patients time has come has been more accurate than the doctors on duty. The great majority of the elderly patients are not aware of the cats presence during those final hours since they are often heavily medicated or on life support.

Oscar has recieved a wall plaque commending his work in hospice care.

First daughter, Jenna Bush, to marry in May 2008

Jenna Bush the daughter of Laura and President Bush will be getting married this year. The groom is Harry Hager. If you were hoping to see a big White House wedding - forget it. They have decided on a small private ceremony.

Murphy, Edmonds marriage over after only 2 weeks

Eddy Murphy and Tracey Edmonds recently (on New Years Day 2008) were married in Bora Bora at least that was the "official" word at the time. Come to find out that it was NOT a legal ceremony but a practice run. The couple have now decided not to go through with the real thing. I don't know why they decided against it since most of Hollywood have "trial marriages" that last only a few months anyway.

Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira

So what is Cassandra Peterson doing nowadays? The photo shows her as she really looks with her altar ego Elvira in the background. Where is she now? She continues to make appearances on TV and at special events. She has a website as well as a myspace page. There was a reality show for Fox that involved finding another Elvira but I haven't heard much more about it.

Celebrity pregnancies

Ok what gives? It seems like almost all of the women in Hollywood are announcing they are expecting a baby! Is this some sort of epidemic? Or do they all think they can follow in Jamie Spears lime light? The latest announcements are:
  • Jillian Grace and David Spade
  • Camila Avles and Matthew McConaughey

Horror movie hostesses

Horror movies have always sparked just a touch of fun in all of us. What other kinds of movies could you get away with dressing up like a ghoul to go see it? (Star Wars, maybe) In the 1950's-1960's there was a surge of late night horror movies on TV. These came complete with a score of "hosts". This trend continues till today. One of the most memorable hosts was Elvira, but Elvira was not the first woman (but maybe the sexiest) to dress for the horror part of hostess. Vampira, played by Malia Nurmi (who recently passed away last week) was hostess in the earlier years.

Samantha Jade's latest video - Turn Around

Watch Jade's video here

Britney Spears and the suicde note

Now I know why AP is penning Britney's obituary. Read this -

Casino Royale - the movies

There have been 2 movies so far that have had the name "Casino Royale", (royale is pronounced "roy" "al") the first one was released in 1967. Both movies were based on the book by Ian Fleming and was the first James Bond novel. The first movie was done more like a tongue in cheek style with it not taking itself too seriously. The second movie, released in 2006 was more of the action adventurer style most of the younger movie going generation is use to seeing.

Both movies put the glamour of gambling casinos in their glory. The glitter and fashion sure would have been wasted on an online casino. Could you imagine James Bond sitting around in his underwear with a drink in one hand and the keyboard at his fingertips only hitting the reload button? I guess if you add a beautiful woman in the scene it could be typical modern day glitz.

Other movies that have been centered around casinos are:
The Gambler with Kenny Rodgers
Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley
Show Boat
The Hustler

What is "Bollywood"?

If you have done much interent surfing you have no doubt come across the term "Bollywood" in your travels. What does "Bollywood" mean? Is it some internet jargon for a section of Hollywood - no. How about a made up name just for an internet site that just caught on everywhere (that was what I originally thought) - but no again.

Bollywood refers to the Indian movie industry that centers around Mumbai. Mumbai was formerly known as Bombay and the "B" from Bombay was combined with Hollywood to form "Bollywood". So now you know.

Also on the same subject, do you realize that the Indian movie industry is larger in the amount of movies turned out every year than in the rest of the world? That's a lot of film.

Terminator, the TV series?

Just when we had thought that the robot was gone - it rises again, this time on Fox TV. Terminator the series puts the battle of man against machine in prime time on the Fox channel. Set in the present day it has John and Sarah back to fight for the future of mankind. It will be on Sundays at 8pm and Mondays at 9pm. The special effects are said to be outstanding and so is the violence.
I have seen episode 1 and I don't think it will last. I say that because most of the series that are of an action adventure type burn out very quickly. They almost always turn into some "relationship" type of setting which was not why I watch the show to begin with. I can see the boy John and that "protection" robot having a "thing" going on. If that happens I am dumping the show. Now if the pretty girl robot really turns out to be on the bad side, now that would make it interesting.

JK Rowling drops hints as to new Harry Potter book

Just when she said she has written her last Harry Potter book, JK Rowling has hinted there might be an 8th book. She says if she does write another Potter book it won't be written for at least another 10 years but her daughter is putting the pressure on her to write it. She did say that "if" she writes an 8th book in the series, Harry will not be the main character. This announcement was made to the Daily Mail a British newspaper, in December 2007. Let's face facts here, the Harry Potter books made Rowling and very rich woman. Why would she be so happy to leave a successful property like the Potter books alone? I say if you have a good thing going - keep going.

General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher is going to be a dad

Ingo Rademacher has announced that he and his girlfriend, Ehiku are expecting a baby.

The writer's strike in Hollywood goes on

The writer's strike in Hollywood is starting to take it's toll. Watch the video.

Hope Dworaczyk, Jason Kidd's girlfriend is pregnant

Hot news around the internet is basketball star Jason Kidd of the New Jersey Nets has gotten his girlfriend a little gift. Hope is starting to show that she is pregnant and is not sitting court side like she usually does. Both her and his parents are reported to be thrilled with the news.

Lauren London - who is she?

You have been hearing about this rising star, but who is she? Read her biography

Letterman's beard stunt

After only a few days of sporting his beard on his night time talk show, David Letterman shaves it off on camera. What a priceless publicity stunt! After posing as the Gordon's Fisherman, David took a straight razor to his face. For more pictures of the Letterman beard and one of him when he was much younger when he also wore a beard click here

Big screen movies for 2008

I am just going to give you a very brief list of the movies scheduled to come out in 2008

Farrah Fawcett, where and what is she doing now?

Travel back to the mid 1970's with me. Remember the TV show Charlie's Angels? One of those angels was Farrah Fawcett. She started the hairdo craze the "Farrah" in the mid 1970's. She has been married to Lee Majors (of the 6 Million Dollar Man TV show) and involved with Ryan O'Neal (which they have a child).

Since 2004 she has been battling anal cancer. In May 2007 she decided against more aggressive treatments since her body was not handling them well. She then traveled to Germany with Ryan to pursue other treatment options.

She is currently undergoing treatments for her cancer and often has visits from the other 2 "Angels" that have also battled cancer in the past.

Britney loses custody of kids

Well is it no surprise that Britney finally lost custody of her 2 kids to their father? Let's see, there was a 2 hour stand off with the cops. Britney got taken to the hospital with the paparazzi in pursuit all this while she was suppose to be in court. Britney was alleged to be "out of it" on a "substance" when the stand-off took place earlier today, that was the reason she was taken to the hospital.

Olympic Gold Medalist, Dorothy Hamill undergoing treatment for breast cancer

Dorothy Hamill, 51, is undergoing treatment for breast cancer at John Hopkins. Her prognosis is good say the doctors. She hopes to be back on tour soon.

David Letterman's beard

If you by chance happen to catch last night's David Letterman show you would have seen the famous beard he is now sporting. Robin Williams was his first guest and just could not stop himself in making remarks about the beard - all very funny of course. The beard is not the first time David has sported one. Just take a look at the photos.

Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds - married

The 2 love birds got hitched in Bora Bora on New Years day. They had been dating since October 2006 and a large diamond ring showed up on Tracy's hand in July 2007. This relationship was hot on the heels of the birth of Eddie's baby with one of the Spice Girls.

Nate Montana will be attending Notre Dame

Nate looks just like his NFL champion father Joe Montana. He will be attending Notre Dame in September 2008. I am sure he will turn a few ladies heads if he hasn't already.

Loretta Lynn still going strong at 73

The country music power house voice of Loretta's will be on tour in 2008. At 73 years old she shows no indication of retiring anytime soon. She has just given use of one of her songs to PETA for one of their campaigns.

Happy New Year

Our celebrity of the day is our troops. Photo courtesy of icanhascheezburger

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