JK Rowling drops hints as to new Harry Potter book

Just when she said she has written her last Harry Potter book, JK Rowling has hinted there might be an 8th book. She says if she does write another Potter book it won't be written for at least another 10 years but her daughter is putting the pressure on her to write it. She did say that "if" she writes an 8th book in the series, Harry will not be the main character. This announcement was made to the Daily Mail a British newspaper, in December 2007. Let's face facts here, the Harry Potter books made Rowling and very rich woman. Why would she be so happy to leave a successful property like the Potter books alone? I say if you have a good thing going - keep going.

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Jennifer said...

Profits aside -since she's already got more money than the queen - I wouldn't be surprised if she's missing those characters, and it would be far easier to continue with them than to be under the scrutiny when she creates another universe which might not live up to its wizardy predecessor.

I'm not telling my 5 year old now, but she'd be the happiest girl in the world to know that there was another one coming.