Rally racing, Swedish style

The famous Dakar Rally is an off-road race that usually starts in France and ends up somewhere in Africa. Each year the race has a different destination and route. The cars and teams that compete go through everything from mud, rivers, sand dunes, rocks and regular dirt. In 2008 the race has been canceled due to fears of terrorist attacks. South America has stepped up to the plate and in 2009 the next Dakar Rally will be held there. Already the Swedish Rally team Tubus Racing plans on being there. This is only the second time a Swedish team has taken on the Dakar Rally. The Swedish team is led by driver Pelle Wallentheim with Olle Ohlsson on board as the navigator. Both of them have over 20 years of racing experience each. Pelle is a cancer survivor and will be using the Rally to raise awareness of cancer victims throughout the world.

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