The PBR world finals in Las Vegas

World class bull riding is on tap in the annual Professional Bull Riders World Finals in Las Vegas. Our family are big rodeo fans and we have a few friends that compete in the bull riding events. Many of the top bull riders in the nation have a myspace page so you can always check out what they are up to. The world finals is at the end of every year and has been held in Las Vegas. This year it will start on October 31 and run until November 9, 2008. If you go to the PBR website you can find out the latest standings on your favorite bull rider and check out the injury list. They also have the listings of all the qualifying rodeos that the bull riders have to attend to qualify for the world finals.

If you plan on attending I warn you that tickets to the Pro Bull Riders World Finals sell out fast. Rodeo events are now one of the hottest growing spectator sports in the USA. I also like the fact that the event is in Las Vegas. If you take your family with you and they don't all like the bull riding event then there are lots of other things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling. I have never attended the PBR Finals. I have just been to a few of the qualifiers. One of these days I would love to go.

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