Terminator, the TV series?

Just when we had thought that the robot was gone - it rises again, this time on Fox TV. Terminator the series puts the battle of man against machine in prime time on the Fox channel. Set in the present day it has John and Sarah back to fight for the future of mankind. It will be on Sundays at 8pm and Mondays at 9pm. The special effects are said to be outstanding and so is the violence.
I have seen episode 1 and I don't think it will last. I say that because most of the series that are of an action adventure type burn out very quickly. They almost always turn into some "relationship" type of setting which was not why I watch the show to begin with. I can see the boy John and that "protection" robot having a "thing" going on. If that happens I am dumping the show. Now if the pretty girl robot really turns out to be on the bad side, now that would make it interesting.

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