Moonlight, the new romantic horror series

Vampires and love, what more could you ask from a TV series? Based loosely on various Vampire movies of the past this one adds a touch more romantic story lines than those bloodsuckers of the past. This is a Vampire with scruples. Mick St. John is the head character the series revolves around. He doesn't want to be a Vampire and fights urges to even drink blood to stay "alive" (if indeed he is suppose to be alive). Mick is played by Alex O'Loughlin and pretty darn well I might add. Now you guys out there have probably realized by now that this is a TV series made for women. Sure they have some blood and gore added to the action but is the ongoing love triangle that is the base for this series holding itself together. As long as the writers can keep this love letter going on between Mick, his ex-wife and his blond love interest they will have a job for at least a few more years. I for one have not tired of watching the show yet. The writers have done a good job of introducing interesting twists and turns into the story lines. I wonder how long the show will last?

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