Oscar the infamous Angel of Death

Now here is something you don't hear everyday, a famous cat. Oscar is a cat that lives in a Rhode Island nursing care home. What makes the cat so famous you ask? Well this cat seems to be kinda special. He knows when someone is going to die. He is 2 years old and has been at the facility since he was a kitten. He is not normally considered to be a friendly cat but will "sit" with a patient that he has sensed will be dead in less than 4 hours. His predictions have been accurate for the past 25 cases and it has been documented in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The medical community has been trying to decide how Oscar knows when the time has come. Some speculate that he can smell the body when it starts to shut down. So far his predictions of when a patients time has come has been more accurate than the doctors on duty. The great majority of the elderly patients are not aware of the cats presence during those final hours since they are often heavily medicated or on life support.

Oscar has recieved a wall plaque commending his work in hospice care.

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