Las Vegas, the show town

Glitter, wealth and fabulous hotels, all you need is some great entertainment to go with it and you have a great vacation. You also have the stuff gossip is made from. Aside from LA, Las Vegas is also a place to see your favorite celebrities when they are on vacation too. They flock to this mega desert city to have a bit of fun just like us. Spotted in Las Vegas recently were: Ashanti at the Pure Nightclub (the hottest nightclub in Vegas) and a birthday party is on tap for Tiffani Thiessen tomorrow night at the same place.

Of course there are always the regular stars that call Las Vegas home like Elton John. He has regularly performed at Caesars Palace since 2003. Celine Dion is also a regular at Caesars and along with Elton switch on and off their performances in the same Colosseum. You might even see a celebrity like Britney Spears (she was spotted there too) while taking one of those sightseeing tours.

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