Casino Royale - the movies

There have been 2 movies so far that have had the name "Casino Royale", (royale is pronounced "roy" "al") the first one was released in 1967. Both movies were based on the book by Ian Fleming and was the first James Bond novel. The first movie was done more like a tongue in cheek style with it not taking itself too seriously. The second movie, released in 2006 was more of the action adventurer style most of the younger movie going generation is use to seeing.

Both movies put the glamour of gambling casinos in their glory. The glitter and fashion sure would have been wasted on an online casino. Could you imagine James Bond sitting around in his underwear with a drink in one hand and the keyboard at his fingertips only hitting the reload button? I guess if you add a beautiful woman in the scene it could be typical modern day glitz.

Other movies that have been centered around casinos are:
The Gambler with Kenny Rodgers
Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley
Show Boat
The Hustler

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