Big Brown, the racehorse to run again

Big Brown the Thoroughbred racehorse that broke down in the Belmont Stakes earlier this year will be on the track again in the Haskell Invitational in New Jersey this Sunday. If he wins the money will go to a organization called ReRun, a non-profit dedicated in finding homes for ex-racehorses.

First off I have a few things to say about all of this. Hasn't that poor horse earned enough money and hurt enough to deserve a retirement? Why drag out a crippled horse with under 2 months of rehab to race for another prize that his owners or trainer doesn't need? As to the ReRun organization, it sounds good but when you think about it shouldn't the people that breed and race these horses be held responsible for their careers after they are done racing? After all they brought them into this world. Do they expect other people to take care of the horse when it has broken down at the track or just not fast enough? Why should these irresponsible people be allowed to dump their rejected racehorses on the rest of the animal loving society? Maybe they should do what us pets owners have been told to do for years now "spay or neuter your pet". How many racehorses have to be produced to get one that wins? I bet 100's or thousands.

I am not anti horse racing but I am anti animal abuse.

Momma Mia, a woman's movie?

I have not heard any good things from this movie yet. All the reviews I have personally heard from friends and family were "I got dragged out to see it by the wife". None of my male friends or relatives have liked it one bit. The movie has the appeal only to the 40+ crowd of women that remember fondly of their younger days when ABBA were tops on the music charts.

Here is a tip for all you women out there - don't drag any male movie goers with you on this movie. Enjoy it for the music and let the rest be just like a long winded video. Men, if you don't like ABBA stay away from the movie. On the other hand if you are a single male you might want to go just to meet a women that is going to see the movie on her own. You had better like ABBA or else she will see through you like glass.

I'd like to classify this movie under "it will be on DVD in under 3 months".

J.K Rowling just can't leave the Potter tales alone

J.K Rowling is at it again. After publicly announcing that she has finished writing about Harry and Hogwarts she is publishing another wizardry book. This one is to raise $8 million dollars for a children's charity. Titled "The Tales of Beedle the Bard", it is a collection of 5 stories narrated by Albus Dumbledore.

In this book she will include her own illustrations. It is scheduled to be released in December 2008. She had mentioned that this book is her goodbye to the Harry potter series. I would just like to know how many times does this woman have to say goodbye? Why doesn't she just admit that she will not stop writing about Harry Potter and his world. No one will blame her for making more money off of a good thing.

November 21, 2008 is to be the release date of the Next Harry Potter movie

Are you ready for the Half-Blood Prince the next movie to come out in the Harry Potter series? If not you will be. The release date is scheduled the week before the Thanksgiving weekend. I guess the movie studios are hoping for all the kids to see it during their days off.

Here is a movie trailer of it to wet your senses.

More filming of the Dark Knight

Here is footage (video below) of a former candy factory being blown up for the movie The Dark Knight. Spectacular fiery explosion.

Behind the scenes of Dark Knight

Here is a look (video below) at the making of the stunts for the movie The Dark Knight.

Estelle Getty has passed away

One of the famous "Golden Girls", Estelle Getty died this morning at 5:55am just 3 days short of her 85th birthday. She was surrounded by family and will be missed by them and all her fans world wide.

Estelle played Sophie the wise cracking mother of Bea Arthur in the TV show, The Golden Girls.

Jay Leno laid off?

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno will be no more. It seems that NBC moved it's studio that the Tonight Show was filmed and they have decided to not continue with it. NBC will be letting everyone go that had anything to do with the Tonight Show. Jay Leno is looking for work.

I have got to go and see The Dark Knight

I am disappointed that my daughter went to see The Dark Knight before I got a chance to go and see it. I was planning to see it this past weekend. This week will have to do. My daughter has told me enough just to make me want to see it more. She has told me that she wants to see it again.

The part I am interested in is where he explains why he wears a "smile". My daughter explains that it sent shivers up her spine. I asked her if Heath deserves an Oscar for his role and she said she would be surprised if he didn't get it.

Interviews with the cast and director of Hell Boy 2

Hell Boy 2 is a hit. Everyone I know wants to see it. Here is a video of clips from the film as well as interviews with the main stars and the director. I always get a kick out of seeing Ron without the makeup.

Interview with the director of Dark Knight

Dark Knight is released at midnight tonight around the country. Below is a video interview with the director of Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan.

William Petersen is quiting CSI

Bill has dropped a bomb shell when he announced that he will be leaving the long time TV show CSI after next season. He will remain as executive producer but will no longer appear as a regular cast member. There is talk that he will make guest appearances but that is it for now. His position as head of the CSI unit will have a new cast member take it's place. The actor or actress has not been cast yet. The date of Bill's last episode has not been announced but it will be sometime in 2009.

Joile twins are doing fine

Angie had twins if you hadn't heard by now. A boy and a girl. I could not believe the headlines this morning when it stated "Grandfather of twins is thrilled". Now I ask you what Grandfather wouldn't be thrilled for his very famous daughter? Now if the headlines read "Grandfather is upset with the birth of his grandchildren", now that would make news.

By the way Jon Voight is Angelina Jolie's dad and her mom is Marcheline Bertrand.

The twins names are Knox Léon Jolie-Pitt for the boy and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt for the girl. I can only ask - was Angie looking at a box of Jello when she decided on her son's name?

Wallace and Grommet and the Kung-Fu chickens

The creators of Wallace and Grommet have a new series of animated creatures. This time it is Kung-Fu chickens. The series is scheduled to be released in Britain in September 2008. The series is having great success in the USA on the Cartoon Network since March 2008. More about Britain's reaction to the show is here.

Wargames is returning to a theater near you

You remember the old 1980's move "Wargames" with Matthew Brodrick? Well it is being released back in the theater for one special night only. It has been 25 years since this movie was originally released and to celebrate it's 25 year anniversary it be in select theaters on July 24th, 2008. So why the big to do about it? Here is the scoop, it is to introduce the sequel: Wargames, the Dead Code.

If computers and programing are your thing then WarGames is sure to bring back some memories. At the time I remember that many of the programing "secrets" that were displayed in the movie were factual and were at first thought to be made up for the movie.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth - video clip

The remakes are loose again. This time it is the remake of the old movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The orignal movie was about a scienticfic exploration on the planet's inner world's. This time around it is a family that gets to explore the underworld. The latest movie will drag out the old 3D but with a bit better technology backing it up. You can see more of it in the video news item below.

Ron Perlman as Hellboy

Hellboy is in theaters this month and if you ever wondered what the man behind the makeup looks like, his photo is above. It's 58 year old Ron Perlman who also confesses that he feels more comfortable acting behind a mask rather than being bare faced.

Happy Birthday Ringo

Ringo Starr celebrated his 68th birthday yesterday in Chicago with cupcakes for the birthday cake. He is 68, that means I am getting old faster than I thought!

The wacky names that stars give their kids

Have you ever wondered why so many celebrities tend to give their children wacky, far out names? I wonder why too. Take for example Chris Martin named his daughter Apple and Sage Moonblood is Sylvester Stallone's child.

I have got to wonder what these half baked idiots were thinking when they named their kids. Maybe they were taking drugs again or have been listening to that old Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue". What ever the reason I am sure that when that child comes of age they will be changing their names - just like their parents did to get into show biz.

Superman artist - dead at 37

Micheal Turner drew the covers of Superman and Batman comics and others since 1994. His work as a comic artist was in great demand. He co-wrote Witchblade a comic with a female hero and founded Aspen MLT, a pubishing company.

He died on June 27th of complications due to cancer. He had been battling bone cancer for years. He was only 37 years old.

Jolie confined to hospital room

A hospital in France will be the birth place of Brad's and Angie's twins. Video below.

Madonna's affair?

Here is the latest news story on the Madonna fling.

Why Madonna prefers to live in England

Why does this American superstar prefer to reside in England? Surely it is not because of the higher income taxes that England has? Nope that is not it. It is the paparazzi or lack of should I say. After becoming a mom she wants to protect her children from the onslaught of photographers that follow her everywhere. Madonna likes the fact that in England it is illegal to photograph children without their parents permission. It looks like the media in the good ole' USA has chased her and her family away.

She still has an apartment in Manhattan but she is not there very often. There was a rumor of her being seen with a man friend in Manhattan but that could mean anything.