Big Brown, the racehorse to run again

Big Brown the Thoroughbred racehorse that broke down in the Belmont Stakes earlier this year will be on the track again in the Haskell Invitational in New Jersey this Sunday. If he wins the money will go to a organization called ReRun, a non-profit dedicated in finding homes for ex-racehorses.

First off I have a few things to say about all of this. Hasn't that poor horse earned enough money and hurt enough to deserve a retirement? Why drag out a crippled horse with under 2 months of rehab to race for another prize that his owners or trainer doesn't need? As to the ReRun organization, it sounds good but when you think about it shouldn't the people that breed and race these horses be held responsible for their careers after they are done racing? After all they brought them into this world. Do they expect other people to take care of the horse when it has broken down at the track or just not fast enough? Why should these irresponsible people be allowed to dump their rejected racehorses on the rest of the animal loving society? Maybe they should do what us pets owners have been told to do for years now "spay or neuter your pet". How many racehorses have to be produced to get one that wins? I bet 100's or thousands.

I am not anti horse racing but I am anti animal abuse.

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