Momma Mia, a woman's movie?

I have not heard any good things from this movie yet. All the reviews I have personally heard from friends and family were "I got dragged out to see it by the wife". None of my male friends or relatives have liked it one bit. The movie has the appeal only to the 40+ crowd of women that remember fondly of their younger days when ABBA were tops on the music charts.

Here is a tip for all you women out there - don't drag any male movie goers with you on this movie. Enjoy it for the music and let the rest be just like a long winded video. Men, if you don't like ABBA stay away from the movie. On the other hand if you are a single male you might want to go just to meet a women that is going to see the movie on her own. You had better like ABBA or else she will see through you like glass.

I'd like to classify this movie under "it will be on DVD in under 3 months".

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