...and this week's Pee Brain Award goes to the wives of Kody Brown

Gawd, I thought I have seen it all on TV but the latest entry into the reality shows is called. "Sister Wives," a show on TLC, the same network that brought us 16, 17, 18, 19 kids and counting (you know that fricken baby machine lady). Now back to Sister Wives, which during their interview tells everyone that Kody, the husband, was not the one to go out looking for the next wife, but the first wife or wives, was. Are they morons or do they like to have group sex? Let's face some facts here, the only reason to to get married or have more than one "wife" at a time is SEX, not to have more kids (you can adopt children) nor to have someone to clean your house (hire a housekeeper) or for the other wives to have someone to watch their kids (hire a babysitter or find a daycare like normal people do).

If that was not all, one of the wives, Janelle states "If we raise productive, contributing members of society who are moral and ethical, that's our final goal, whatever their path is."

Is she out of her mind? What is her definition of morality? Apparently not the same as the rest of society. That nut job has 4 kids with Kody.

As an interesting side note, the entire family now has the feds investigating them for felony bigamy. This show might be more interesting as the courts and police get involved. I wonder if the cameras will follow them in jail?

Yep the whole cast, except for the kids, are the winners of this week's Pee Brain Award.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, season opener tonight

Well another night of new shows and the return of some. Sunday nights has been dominated by 60 Minutes, Funniest Home Videos and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, for many years now. Of course FHV has been a favorite since Bob Saget was its first host but EM:HE has been losing its luster for me.

I think that what turned me off of the show was the fact of the stories about the people with their new homes "after" the show ended. Many of them ended up losing those homes, some of them had 2 families living in the home and one family kicked the other one out. The show has done something different for their upcoming Halloween show that got my attention. They rebuilt a dorm for a school. You can read more about that here. The same article mentions the some of the past homes that were built that were too costly for the new owners to keep.

So I will let you know how Sunday nights measure up for the new season.

Saturday night on TV, boring as ever

The new TV season is turning out to be as lack luster as I thought it would be. Both Friday and Saturday nights are boring. It looks like the only interesting night on TV so far is Thursdays. The major 3 networks are working hard to chase viewers to the cable programs.

Saturday night was so boring I had to resort to watching the Travel Channel and reruns of the Halloween attractions all over the USA. Sad, so sad. At least I didn't end up at the food network.

Thursday night of the new TV season - a mixed bag

I managed to take in 2 new shows and the premieres of returning TV show tonight. It was an evening of nice, ho hum, excitement and shear boredom.

First up was The Big Bang Theory. The gang was in fine form tonight and the robot arm was an interesting twist in the story, but expected of them. That led straight into Shit My Dad Says, which was developed on Twitter. That show did not live up to the actual funny stuff that the guy use to write on Twitter. It looks like they tried to take 140 characters and make a 30 minute show out of it (excuse me, only 20 minutes, with 10 minutes of commercials). Shatner was the wrong pick for the role, they could have done better. A big HO HUM in my book.

My highlight of the evening was Fringe. It is one of my favorite shows that has kept me interested through 2 seasons now. The opening show of this season did not disappoint. According to the producers we are to spend most of this season exploring with Olivia in the alternate universe, which is OK by me. When Fringe is done going through its first run of the season and starts to get into repeats, that is when I will watch CSI. I would be watching CSI on their first runs but when the character, "Grisom" was written out of the series, that was when I lost interest in the show. He was like the quirky mad scientist that kept everyone intrigued.

So what did I watch after Fringe ended for the evening? Well I thought I would take a gamble and watch the new SyFy show call "Beast Legends" or "Legendry Beasts" or "Beastly Legends" or .......
Anyway, the show ended up to be so off the wall, with a comic book artist as part of their team, I turned the TV off after only 30 minutes of the junk. It was going nowhere fast. BORING. While the idea of looking for legendary beasts is a great one, this show blew it in the first 30 minutes. A good idea done wrong.

So much for Thursday nights, I wonder what Friday will bring.

This week's Pee Brain Award goes to Jeff Zucker

If you have ever been upset at the fact that your favorite TV show on NBC got canceled, you can thank Jeff Zucker. He has been the network's CEO for the last 24 years. His latest chop job was the original Law and Order series. He was also the man behind the O'Brian and Leno fiasco. His reasons are often beyond belief and sometimes he gives no reason at all.

He has been the ax man for NBC for way too long. At least that is what the new owners of NBC are thinking. You see Comcast is now the majority stake holder at NBC and they are thinking that things will be changing and Zucker will be out. I can hear the cheering of out of work actors and producers now.......shhhhh.......you can hear them too.

New fall TV season underway

With a slow start to the new fall season about the only winners so far is Glee, 2 and a Half Men and Hawaii 5-0. I am personally waiting on Fringe to begin its new season. One show that has not been renewed and has a lot of people upset is The Seeker. There is a grass roots group of fans that is trying to get the show back on the air. I'm pulling for them too. The Seeker was probably the only decent fantasy series to come along in a long time.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition might be changing their style. For their Halloween show they re-built a school dorm instead of a private home. You can read more about that here.

The biggest surprise this season will be the new Law and Order set in LA. I wonder if it ends up being CHIPS meets Perry Mason? We will see.