...and this week's Pee Brain Award goes to the wives of Kody Brown

Gawd, I thought I have seen it all on TV but the latest entry into the reality shows is called. "Sister Wives," a show on TLC, the same network that brought us 16, 17, 18, 19 kids and counting (you know that fricken baby machine lady). Now back to Sister Wives, which during their interview tells everyone that Kody, the husband, was not the one to go out looking for the next wife, but the first wife or wives, was. Are they morons or do they like to have group sex? Let's face some facts here, the only reason to to get married or have more than one "wife" at a time is SEX, not to have more kids (you can adopt children) nor to have someone to clean your house (hire a housekeeper) or for the other wives to have someone to watch their kids (hire a babysitter or find a daycare like normal people do).

If that was not all, one of the wives, Janelle states "If we raise productive, contributing members of society who are moral and ethical, that's our final goal, whatever their path is."

Is she out of her mind? What is her definition of morality? Apparently not the same as the rest of society. That nut job has 4 kids with Kody.

As an interesting side note, the entire family now has the feds investigating them for felony bigamy. This show might be more interesting as the courts and police get involved. I wonder if the cameras will follow them in jail?

Yep the whole cast, except for the kids, are the winners of this week's Pee Brain Award.

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