The ideal video and music player

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember just a few years ago when having an MP3 was all the rage? The the MP4 came along with video and everyone was loading music videos on them but running out of memory until the larger MP4's were out. Now the rage is having a phone that does it all, including having the best sound and video capabilities of a MP4 player. Well LG has come up with the LG Chocolate Touch.

The Chocolate Touch is just as the name implies, a touch screen phone with lots of extras. Can you imagine not having to lug around even a small laptop to keep in touch with your email? The Chocolate makes it so much easier to use email, send videos and pictures and you can even use it to post your Tweets on Twitter. How about visual voice mail, yes it can do that too.

The LG Chocolate Touch features a manual equalizer for Dolby sound but let's face facts here, the Touch is only going to sound as good as your earphones will allow.

The Touch is only available through Verizon right now and that might be its only failing. I am not a fan of 2 year contracts, no matter who the carrier is. The LG Chocolate Touch has lots of technology in a small package but I would like to be able to get that package with no strings attached. Maybe LG will see the light and not tie their new products to cell phone carriers but will have these devices available to all as unlocked phones and let us decide what network we want.

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Another Vampire movie, do we really need one?

Honestly, do we really need another vampire movie? Hollywood seems to think we do. The latest offering is Daybreakers, staring Willem Dafoe. The plot is about the future when a disease has turned almost everyone into a vampire and there is now a shortage of blood. Gee, supply and demand, I wonder where they got that idea? Anyways the vampires are also becoming mutations, as if being a vampire already wasn't enough. Special effects might be all that keeps this movie together. Below is an interview with Willem Dafoe talking about his role in the movie, he plays a human in the movie.

Avatar tops $1 billion in pure profit

It look like Avatar will be the largest grossing movie on record. Need proof? The video news below will tell you more with a few scenes from the movie. The movie has been only out for 3 weeks and shows no sign of slowing down. By the way the movie was GREAT!