March Madness

Basketball and March Madness, it's that time again. People take the basketball draft very seriously and I knew on guy that actually took his vacation time just to watch the draft on TV. Now there is a basketball fan! Have you ever wondered how team coaches find the younger players? I have. They can't possibly go to all the High School Basketball games in the country. I know they sometimes send scouts but there must be an easier way. There is a website that has rankings of the top young basketball players in the nation. This site has recently uploaded videos of high school games. You can rate the players and even drop them a line about a player you think should be on their site. This is a great method for coaches to showcase their players.

What I think is wonderful about this site is the fact that it gives young people a chance to become famous for their athletic talents. If you know a high school student that needs to be promoted and perhaps get a scholarship in the process then check out the website I have listed above.

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