The movies have gone to the dogs

Ever notice how a demand for something goes up when it is featured in a movie? Dogs are no exception to this unwritten rule. Take for example the Lassie phenomenon. There was a marked rise in the popularity of the Collie breed when Lassie stared to appear on the big screen. The next big demand dog breed was the German shepherd and we have Roy Rodger’s "Bullet" to thank for that. Around the same time was Rin Tin Tin. Both dogs were in westerns.

The more recent movies that started a dog breed craze were: Turner and Hooch, the Benji movies, the remake of The Incredible Journey and Beethoven. The latest in the dog movie craze is Snow Buddies. This movie will sure be the next in line of another dog breed demand.

I just shake my head in shame when I think about how many of those dog breeds end up in dog shelters. It happens because of the families that buy that pup simply because they liked the movie. Some of them even resort to anti- barking dog collars when they find out that the breed they picked is noted for it's barking ability, but they live in a townhouse. I don't think that it will ever change because people are people and they want what they see on TV or the movies.

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