Celebrities and plastic surgery

The biggest stars in Hollywood as well as singers and those working behind the Hollywood film industry will be on hand come Oscar night. Many of them have had plastic surgery - it is par for the course in their careers. Above is a dramtic photo showing Tara Reid's before and after her breast implants. I wonder how many stars we will be seeing on Oscar night that will be very noticible as Tara is.

Celebrity plastic surgery has become almost a normal thing for them to do. I wonder how many of them have had a tummy tuck? I ask that because of the numberous times I have seen "after" photos of an actress just weeks after having a baby. As a woman I know that it is almost impossible to look that good so soon after giving birth, a month or 2 later maybe, but not just a few weeks. Exercise is not going to get that dramic a look in just a week or 2. Loose skin takes time to spring back from being stretched out for the last 4 months of the pregnancy. Now if you want a more in depth look at one of the top California plastic surgeons that was featured on many TV shows go to one of the many links I have put in this post. This is the same place that does many of the top stars in Hollywood and they are located on the very exculsive Rodeo Drive.

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