Stepping out on a limb

After visiting a few of the other celebrity "gossip" blogs and websites I have come to the conclusion that they must be catering to men. After all most of the photos are of scantly chad starlets and singers with their lungs hanging out of their dresses. I can certainly come across enough gossip without having to plaster half naked women all over the blog, that is degrading to the many women readers I have. Granted, in past posts (long past I might add) I did start putting up blog posts about celebrities falling out of their clothes. Then I started to find out from my visitor stats that my readers were not even looking at those types of posts. They were reading about a recently passed on actor or a famous sports hero. The other blog posts of half clad imps were just passed over.

Now I am confused. Why do women's gossip magazines have more photos of half naked women and very few pictures of the Hollywood hunks? Even Cosmopolitan magazine has a barely covered woman on their front covers every month. I know that some of the editors and publishers of these magazines are women so why are they catering to the men readers when they know that they don't buy women's magazines?

On that same note, are the blogs about gossip written by men? If they are then I wish they would be up front about it and quit trying to pretend they are women writing for a woman reader.

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