Speaking of piano players

The piano has got to be one of my favorite instruments. There are so many songs that would not feel quite right unless performed on a piano. The motion sound they give off just hits certain songs just right. Elton John knows how to the use the piano for writing his songs. The piano is also known as a major contributor to many a stage show. Do you remember Victor Borg? He was known for "playing with" as well as playing the piano. Who could forget his many mis-interpertations of the classics.

It was performers like those that inspired me to take up the piano and later to teach members of my family. I firmly believe that it is those singers and songwriters that inspire us to take up playing an instrument. The guitar, piano and harmonica has got to be the most common instruments that we decide to take up just for fun. The piano for me was the easiest since the guitar made my fingers get hard calluses. Calluses were not very becoming for a young lady so I gave that up.

If you are thinking about getting a piano and you live in the Boston area, may I suggest you try The Piano Man.

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