John McCain and his houses

I normally don't have much to say about politics and this blog usually stays away from most political news and opinions but when I heard about John McCain and his comment about how many houses he owns I just had to mention something. If you had not heard already, John McCain was asked by a reporter how many houses he owned. He would not give an answer at first and then his reply was "I'll have to get back to you on that one". The man is so damn rich he doesn't know how many houses he has or even visits a store to buy something (he made a remark earlier in his campaign about how the checkout devices in the store worked giving the indication that he had not seen one before). Wait I take that back, his wife more than likely is the one that owns the homes since she is the one with the money and he is so pampered that he doesn't need to go to a store.

I would like to know why he is even running for office. He doesn't plan on changing anything and he only wants to be in office for one term. I wonder who's leash he is on? At 75 years old does he still wanting glory of some type?

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