I can hold my tongue no more - the Olympic coverage is rotten

One of my most favorite events to watch in the Olympics is the equestrian events. After all what women can resist a horse? We all wanted a pony as a child so it is only natural to watch horse events. That being said I am an avid horse sports enthusiast. I tend to know most of the rules about the different horse sports. Well I can't seem to find the equestrian events on TV so I went to watch the streaming video on the NBC website. What I saw was the most awful filming of an equestrian event ever! The event that I was watching was the dressage test. The camera kept zooming in on the face of the rider. The rider's face is not what the judges are looking at, it is the horse's movements. Then the horse went into a side pass and the camera cut away to another camera that showed the horse from the side so I could not see the side pass anymore. Will someone please tell NBC to get someone that knows the events to be filming them? If I watch much more of this I will end up pulling my hair out.

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